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Interview with Kayla Feldman director of "Lobster"

The beauty of Lobster is that it is such a universal story.

This story could belong to anyone, regardless of gender or sexuality.

We spoke to talented director Kayla Feldman about her hit play Lobster.


IWD Extravaganza

1 venue, 6 rooms, over 20 activities from over 40 talented cis & trans LBQ women and non-binary people in our community.


New Book Awards launching to 2018

Lesfic is a booming area; both self-publishing, and the launch of several lesfic-specific publishing houses has resulted in this market expanding over the past 5 years. Across the world thousands of lesfic books are released every year in both e-book and print book format.

A new awards, The Lesfic Bard Awards has been announced, which is set to provide an opportunity to showcase many of these authors, and to help readers find books that interest them.

Event Review: DIVA After Dark

The first DIVA After Dark pop up was a huge success, so when the super talented Saski got in touch to say she was hosting the October pop up, I was excited because Saski is a talented host.

Theatre Review: Inside Out (part of Maiden Speech Festival)

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Christina Bloom, the star and creator of Inside Out and invited along to her first performance of her first play. I have to be honest, the bar for LBQ-themed performances in London has been rising steadily for the past 4-5 years (see from recent reviews of Turkey and Bullish from the past fortnight alone), however I didn't set any expectations as I reminded myself that this was Christina's debut.

Review of Read my Lips in Bristol

What a cracking night!

I went with my exhausted self (I’d been moving house all day) to check out the debut of Read my Lips at the Old Market Assembly, wondering how I’d stay awake long enough to take it all in.

The Planet Nation Guide To Coming Out As Bi

In this article, Lottie provides a few points of guidance around coming out as bisexual. From the obvious to the not so obvious. This guide is great for those not sure about their identity and also for those who want to know more about being bisexual.

Happy Midweek News - Planet

*Drum Roll, Please.*

So, we have some Big Announcements.

First things first, we have managed to save Planet London.


The end is near...

Launched in 2011, Planet London has been going for 5 years. In that time Naomi has invested over £11,000 and the business has invested nearly £10,000 directly into lesbian events, film and businesses. Find out how Planet London has supported your scene...

#TheDinah2016 Hot as L pool party and White Party round up

Katie and Naomi's round up of Friday at #TheDinah

The history of Planet London

Do you know how long Planet London has been running? Why it started? What it offers? Read on and find out!

Dating as a trans-lesbian

For a transgender woman the whole idea of dating is one that terrifies most of us.... Debbie Louise Cannon talks about dating as a trans-lesbian

The Dinah announce Celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson

Here at Ultimate Planet, we can't wait for The Dinah, which is less than 12 weeks away! We are excited to hear that DJ Samantha Ronson will be playing there, and can't wait to see it for ourselves. 

Victorian and Gay - Theatre Review

Victorian and gay, an Another Soup production brings good natured Christmas cheer to whatever times one could be living this holiday season.

Rosie and The Goldbug Review

Short and sweet- the review of Rosie and The Goldbug. 


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