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The truth about fats

But let’s start things off right so suggestion is to start with licking some avocado off some sexy girl’s neck…. Not only will you be eating a healthy treat but also you might get laid in the process. I mean who said healthy eating couldn’t be sexy?

Time to get Your Jog On

Having good flexibility isn’t just good for kinky positions in the bedroom but it is key for running and ways to do this are by warming up before the run and doing static stretches for a cool down after a run or by adding a weekly yoga session into your running plan.

Staying healthy after Dry January

So let’s face it, the holidays are over and for those doing dry January it is coming to an end, now it is time to get honest with ourselves and start setting good realistic health goals for 2016

#ShesInLondon - Lauren on Hana (and Hana on everyone else... )

Lauren gets steamy talking about Hana and her suitcase...

Exclusive: First look at episode names for 'She's in London'

From Planet M Productions and coming very soon to 'She's in London' will be the LBQ web series that everyone's talking about. 

Cat Sitting & more

On a Sunday evening, tucked away in HandleBar, Stoke Newington, Whipped Cream Productions and VolVentures Films premiered their latest short film Cat Sitting. 

Laughing Labia, A riot between the legs

Launching its second season, Laughing Labia kicked off its opener in comedic style. This event is a platform for Women in Comedy and not just the usual suspects either. Also pleasing was the diverse and multicultural line up, which meant the five acts provided vastly different perspectives and comedy styles. The theme of the night was cultural differences and the humour that can be found in the space between two worlds.

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