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But She Is My Student Blasts Off

Authors Kiki Archer and Jade Winters have come together to form Winters Archer Production Company with the aim of bringing high quality lesbian fiction to the big screen.

Diva Literary Festival launches

Diva Magazine continues to fly the flag for LBQ women across the UK and improve its offering. The latest new event to be launched is the Diva Literary Festival.

'Too Late... I love you' by Kiki Archer

With two strong, interesting, charismatic female leads whose intense chemistry cannot be denied from their very first meeting that takes them on a winding journey filled with drama, humour, dilemmas and the scope for happy outcomes.

L is For...

This carefully curated flow feels effortless, and does justice for the stories in the collection, keeping you entertained right until the last page.

Katie vs... 2014 (spoiler alert - Katie wins!)

Without wanting to be a giant cliche of positivity, I need to explain the "Vs" part of the title. It's not been all fun, fairy tales and frolics this year.

'L is For...' UK Les Fic Anthology released

A wonderful collection of short stories from some of the UK's current best-selling lesbian fiction authors takes you on a journey of tears, laughter, love and lust. With proceeds of all sales going to the charity R U Coming Out, this is one anthology that will hopefully sell for years to come.

Contributing authors:- VG Lee, Suzanne Egerton, Kiki Archer, Deborah Underwood, Angela Peach, Sarah Bolger, Clare Lydon, Crin Claxton, Angela Clerkin, HP Munro, Nic Herriot, Karen Campbell, Frances Gapper, Jade Winters, Tanith Nyx, Andrea Bramhall, Rain McAlistair, Katie Bennett-Hall, Chloe A Marshall

"When you Know" by Kiki Archer

This is the sequel to Archer's recent One Foot Onto the Ice, picking up almost immediately after where the first novel left off, however with the twist that this novel is set back in England, and for much of the time Jenna and Susan are long distance.

One foot onto the Ice - Kiki Archer

A blast from the past stirs up unexpected chemistry between two opposites - philandering laid-back Ski Instructor Jenna and uptight school teacher Susan Quinn.

But She is My Student & Instigations (the Kat and Freya series) by Kiki Archer

It's not very often we get lesbian romance stories with a happy ending, and that is what Kiki Archer offers us through these two journeys of Kat and Freya's relationship as it blossoms from a kiss in a nightclub to a lifetime of happiness.

Book review: Binding Devotion - Kiki Archer

The perfect job, the perfect marriage and the perfect result in the campaigning fight. Or is all as it seems?

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