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The Nature of Fragments by Katie Bennett-Hall

Recognising that these are mere snippets – fragments – it is plain to see the mastery of language here. My favourite poem is “What it is like to be a dyke”. A seemingly straightforward list type poem, it says much in a few lines. 

Alexis Bledel on Jenny's Wedding

Katie and Naomi recently sat down to lunch with Alexis Bledel during a rare break in filming of the Netflix reboot of The Gilmore Girls to discuss playing gay on the indie lesbian wedding drama Jenny's Wedding due to be released in the UK in May.

A Family Affair for Jenny's Wedding

Finally receiving it's UK release, Jenny's Wedding is a family friendly exploration of life after the passing of Equal Marriage in the US and UK. 

We can now have films where the main story is not a rom com will they/won't they melodrama or a youthful coming of age coming out of the closet trope. Jenny's Wedding offers that. Jenny (Katherine Heigl) and Kitty (Bledel, better known to fans as Rory Gilmore) are an estbalished couple, they have been together a number of years, settled, like together, still in love - ready to make a lifelong commitment to each other. There's only one snag, whilst Jenny is out in most aspects of her life, she is not out to her family. Much to Kitty's discernment of course.

#OnlyInLA & #OnlyAtTheDinah

A weekend of 10,000 LBQ women from around the world get together on the first weekend in April and party together with some of the biggest LBQ names and up and coming music acts. 

One breath at a Time

Alecia Moore is 21, she studies in Berkeley University. She often visits her parents in the Seattle area on weekends. During one of those visits, she literally stumbles on Spencer Davies, a 24-year-old photographer with a devastating smile. It is love at first sight for both of them. But when Spencer reveals she suffers from an incurable disease, Alecia’s painful past comes back to the surface and she has choices to make. Is Alecia ready to give it all she’s got to once again lose it all?

Lucy's Coming Home - Lucy Spraggan Acoustic Tour and Home EP review

And then Spraggan takes the stage, owning the space entirely in this stripped back solo affair. A loud applause welcomes the start of an emotional and nuanced, intimate set.

Getting Spiritual

I received a warm welcome on arrival, which immediately set me at ease, and the vibe around the room was relaxed and friendly and instantly stopped feeling like strangers.

#StudentPride - all the happenings!

Award winning student pride brings together an accessible, informative, fun and self organised event for LGBT students, now in its 11th successful year. Beginning in Oxford, the event has moved to London for the last 2 years, and now attracts over 1000 students from 115 universities.

From Cancer to being the best version of me

The diagnosis comes at the end of fifteen or more years of gynae suffering for me, suffering I had become so accustomed towards, living in pain and having no energy. It was seriously taking its toll on my happiness, my work, my relationships - my whole life.

A smile at Pout

Pout has been around for some years now, and it's fantastic to see a regular LBQ event that knows exactly what it is lasting on the scene. It's a core offering from Elaine MacKenzie's Glass Bar brand.

Let's talk about...: LGBT+ talk sex with Diva and Pace

With a diverse panel representing some of the often most invisible members of our community, we heard personal stories and experiences to celebrate the notion of sex in our lives and to challenge the discrimation we often face when accessing services. 

No beating around the Bush

Joined by a full band, Horse's songs filled the iconic Bush Hall venue for a crowd-pleasing evening of musical entertainment

Crushing on Crush

Cracking jolly good fun

Interview with NEIGHBOURS star Carla Bonner aka Steph Scully

An exclusive Planet London interview with the newest LBQ woman on TV, returning to Neighbours is lesbian favourite, Carla Bonner aka Steph Scully


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