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Crazy Bitches Webseries

Crazy Bitches go to a wellness spa, but it's gonna take more than meditation to keep them safe.

Crazier Bitches Film

Christmas ornaments turn deadly, when mommies behave badly and someone can't take it anymore. 

Day 3 @ The Dinah 2016 - Pool party and Hollywood Party Red Carpet Roundup

Katie and Naomi's Gay 3 Dinah Round up! With the first round of the DJ contest, stage-side film meet and greets all day (including our very own She's in London, and turnouts from some of the LBQ communities fav women including Kate Moennig, Djing with Cam Grey as The X-names, Guinevere Turner and event a surprise appearance from the unrivalled Lady Gaga, everyone was buzzing!

Crazier Bitches...

Christmas decorations turn deadly when crazy mommies behave badly and someone can’t take it anymore.

Vanity Kills with Crazy Bitches

Setting itself up to be both gender and genre defying from the outset, with a cast led by strong powerful women, and a few token eye candy males, taking horror movie stereotypes and playing with the usual outcomes, without taking itself too seriously along the ride, Crazy Bitches from Jane Clark offers a breath of fresh air for horror movie and LGBT movie fans.

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