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Is 2018 going to be Year of the Woman?

With the gender pay parity deadline of the end of March, the anniversary of 100 years of women voting, the huge rise of campaigns such as #MeToo #BehindEveryGreatCity #DrawALine #TimesUp #WakingTheFeminists #PressforProgress #YearoftheWoman (yes, there really are that many!); I’m really starting to feel like 2018 could end up being one of those moments in history – the modern day Suffragettes movement – or it could all just fade away as we follow the next campaign, get overlooked by the male equivalent campaigns popping up – or that all these different campaigns mean that it is too diluted and therefore, ineffective. The problem is, campaigns aren’t new.

IWD Extravaganza

1 venue, 6 rooms, over 20 activities from over 40 talented cis & trans LBQ women and non-binary people in our community.

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