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It’s still too early to orgasm!

I write short articles because they are easy to digest but I can understand that the end of my last article may have left you hanging a bit! I would be interested to know how you ‘dealt’ with what may have felt like an ‘incomplete wank’, although this was more about exploration.

The truth about fats

But let’s start things off right so suggestion is to start with licking some avocado off some sexy girl’s neck…. Not only will you be eating a healthy treat but also you might get laid in the process. I mean who said healthy eating couldn’t be sexy?

HRT and the final stages of my transition

Debbie Louise Cannon looks at the effect on HRT on transition and her run up to surgery.

Time to get Your Jog On

Having good flexibility isn’t just good for kinky positions in the bedroom but it is key for running and ways to do this are by warming up before the run and doing static stretches for a cool down after a run or by adding a weekly yoga session into your running plan.

The clitoris (and it won't run away)

How have you all got on in the last fortnight with getting aquainted with your vulva? Can you see it when you close your eyes? Have you named it? The second question is optional but the first one is important! Seriously, it isn’t healthy to approach your vulva without knowing it or appreciating it. If you think that your vulva is still ugly, you can’t move on to the next bit of working with it to get you some great orgasms.

New Year, New You

As the first of the month arrives, so does ‘Dry January’, hibernation, radical diets and vows to delete Facebook forever. Such extreme and short-lived goals, why not work towards something more permanent? After all that would be a new you, and not a temporary you, wouldn’t it?

Staying healthy after Dry January

So let’s face it, the holidays are over and for those doing dry January it is coming to an end, now it is time to get honest with ourselves and start setting good realistic health goals for 2016

Meet Rhiannon (prepare to blush!)

Hi I’m Rhiannon. I own a sex toy consultancy business called That’s The Spot. I am an epic sex toy geek, but more importantly, I am a sex educator.

Helping a healthy body...discounted osteopathy

A healthy body is as important as a healthy mind. Planet London has arranged a community discount with Osteopathy Appointments at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO). Get an appointment for just £18.

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