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A Day in the Life of Maxine... (11): What's our image?

My in-box at London Lesbian Singles is starting to make my blood boil. I'm getting requests from various 'sex party groups' who want to advertise on the site and mixed sex couples looking to join a singles group. I know this isn't a unique issue and most of you have experienced the same problem on dating websites.

Coach Trip: The wheels are rolling....

So, it's been a few days since we made our TV debut on Channel 4's Coachtrip, and the initial feelings of total humiliation are starting to subside. The feedback from various sources are still coming at us thick and fast and we've already been recognised a couple of times when out and about. All of it is positive, and so far, we are really pleased with the response and how we've been portrayed. Let's hope the edit stays as honest as we were during the trip!

Coach Trip: Day One

Wow so we've just had our TV debut and we can tell you we've been on pins for the last few days knowing it was looming.

A day in the life of Christabel and Melissa: Channel 4's "Coachtrip" Couple

For those of you who don’t know; Coach Trip is a light-hearted reality gameshow that provides a travel guide to Europe. Seven couples climb on board a coach, led by international tour guide Brendan Sheerin, for a once-in-a-lifetime trip across a secret itinerary of countries. Along the way the contestants take part in various activities, some more unusual than others! The aim of the game is to stay on for the duration of the trip without being voted off by the other Coach Trippers - and we had the amazing opportunity to take part.

A Day in the Life of Maxine... (7)

We're launching the fundraising drive on 7th March at Labels. Promoting the launch makes me feel like I'm living in a real life 'tale of two cities'. I notice the divide between those for and against the oppressed. Some people think that asylum seekers should make a cuppa and wade through the UN Declaration of Human Rights while dodging bullets. That's assuming they've heard of it. 

A Day in the Life of Maxine... (5)

I'm definitely the rebel teen that always wants to party and causes people to miss their curfew. Then there's my big gay brother who is full of sensible advice one minute and then gives up and joins the party. I've got a sensitive big sister who always seems to know when I need a big hug. My lesbian cousins are there for those one to one chats about stuff that life sends my way. Oh and don't forget the studious middle sister who is my conscious.

A day in the life of Maxine... (4)

'Tis the season to be with extended family

I've finally figured out the recipe for a family Christmas when you're single. So perhaps you can print this out and keep it for next year to save yourself a lot of trouble.

A day (eh hem... year) in the life of Maxine (3)

A couple of months ago I went to a friends 40th birthday dinner. About ten of us decided to go onto Heaven nightclub to finish the night. When I arrived, I was told it was 'members only' even though my friends had just gone in.

A day (eh hem... year) in the life of Maxine (2)

So who pays for dinner and other dating dilemmas?

The good news is that it's never been easier for women to meet each other in London. We've got a
lively scene, dating websites/apps, meetup groups and more. But if you've been in a relationship
for donkey's years and you're not brimming with confidence it can seem a bit like brave new world.

A Day in the Life... croaking to Christmas

Thankfully NYE this year is looking to be a good one, with 8 parties to choose from! There is something for every music taste, location and budget. Read of NYE run down to decide - getting tickets in advanced is recommended to prevent disappointment!

A Day in the Life... Naomi vs. mornings!

As always, I can’t go too far as who knows if it will be an 8 or a 12 car train. The excitement of never knowing?!? Hey, will it even arrive? Will it be on time? Will there be a seat? Edge of my pants kind of questions that make me love my commute (can you hear my sarcasm?!?)...

A Day in the Life of... Ingo (1)

Hi, my name is Ingo and I run and create all Wotever World's shows, events, workshops and tours. I work with an amazing crew who add their flavour and take on things how and what Queer Life in London, Europe mean NOW. We call ourselves Queers and we are a variety of trans, dykes, gays, bears, academics; and in various transitions... 

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