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IWD Extravaganza

1 venue, 6 rooms, over 20 activities from over 40 talented cis & trans LBQ women and non-binary people in our community.


Why do we need sober queer+LGBT spaces? CYOA dance party returns!

When talking about alcohol and drugs, most people who've spent time in queer and LGBT community have personal stories that are somewhat different to our straight and cis counterparts, perhaps for better or worse. What is the place for sober spaces in queer and LGBT community today?

Crazy Gorgeous from GoodGirlz Gone Bad

Crazy Gorgeous (shortly to be weekly on Fridays, between 10pm and 3am) started bang on time, 10pm means just that and not a moment before.  I arrived at 9.45pm, pre-work drinks having ended rather prematurely, and was advised to wait at the venue’s ground floor bar, so to speak (I can’t attest to the punctuality of the closing time, being old and having left before midnight).  

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