LwiththeT Bag



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Bringing the online discussion into real life. Show your support for all LGBT+ people with this fabulous pride bag.

60% of profit from these bags will go into a pot that will be set aside for specifically addressing the issues around lesbian visibility and ensuring we educate fellow lesbian and bi women about TERFS, why lesbians can, and are trans and ensuring that the LBQ community does not segregate itself from the LGBT community.

We will be inviting key people to help us determine how this will happen, and of course it will depend on the budget available!

large bag dimensions: 25cm x 30cm

(there is also a small bag available)

Note: Planet Nation is a community website. It is run on little resource. The remaining profit will go towards running costs of the website to ensure that we are able to continue to support the grass roots LBQ community. We're proud to be a resource for all LBQ people. We welcome contributions to the website. We act as a platform for LBQ women, in particular those who need a platform to get their information across. However, we do not publish any content that actively goes out to hurt or exclude members of our community and we do not publish or condone hate speech or exclusion.