A lesbian utopia in Spain

Sitting in London writing this review, I have such fond memories of my time in Ibiza. I can’t wait to share this with you.

Velvet Ibiza is Spain’s newest lesbian festival. It is only the second year the festival has run, and I was happy to see that a large number of the women at the festival were returning following a great time last year.

Carine - the festival organiserYou see this festival is organised by Carine, who is a big time event organiser in Brussels. She knows what she is doing!

Velvet Ibiza is an all inclusive lesbian festival – yes you heard me. For your ticket price you get airport transfers; your accommodation; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks; and drinks up until 11pm each day... sounding good so far? I haven’t even started!!

The festival runs from Thursday to Monday. The daytime is relaxed by the pool with top DJs spinning out tracks. Sunbathing, swimming, chatting and dancing. Topless lesbians working on their tan, and others enjoying the view!

There are a few activities spattered around such as football, volleyball and yoga. Some take part, some don’t. It is really relaxed.

I took a moment to chat with Carine about Velvet Ibiza:

The evenings are party time – with top DJs banging out top tunes and women dancing the night away. Up until midnight the party is outside by the pool under the stars. From midnight the parties go into the club and continue until 5am!!

Velvet night time fun

I’ve never had such fun at a festival, and I’ve been to a lot of them (The Dinah, L Fest, L Fest Del Mar and OlaGirls). Everyone was truly friendly and inviting. I feel like I’ve extended my circle of friends. I’ve come away richer and happier.

Velvet Ibiza Friends

Carine has found a lovely resort, which she arranges to privately hire for the duration of the festival. So it is only lesbians and the staff. It is a really safe space, and everyone is so relaxed.

Velvet Ibiza - location

If you want a bit more of a flavour, I streamed a few Facebook Live videos from the festival. You can view these on my timeline.

I’m already looking forward to next year. This is for me my festival of choice.

Here is a little video to entice you to join me next year:

So if you want a really good value holiday next year, surrounded by women from all over the world, come join me at the party!!

2017 date hasn’t been announced yet, but I am starting a list of people who want to go and will share the information as soon as it is available. The date is likely to be the first week of June.

Based on 2016 prices:

  • €370 for a single person (approx £289)
  • €680 for two people sharing (approx £530, so £265 each)
  • €1200 for four people sharing (approx £940, so £235 each)

They also offer a shared price where they will match you up with other solo travellers for just €300.

Flights to Ibiza are extremely good value, and you can fly out for under £200. If you are willing to stop over a few hours somewhere like Madrid overnight you can bring the price down even more.