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In 2016, Planet Nation founder, Naomi Bennett, went to a new lesbian festival that had popped up in Ibiza. Having been to a good many festivals over the years, including The Dinah, L Fest, L Fest Del Mar, OlaGirls and ELLA Winter; she knew a little of what to expect, but each festival has different things that set them apart, that make them successful... she was intrigued to find out more about this new festival. It was so good, that she has been supporting the festival each years since.

Find out more about the Velvet Ibiza lesbian festival organiser, Carine - what motivates her, what she is creating, and why you should join Planet Nation at the festival in 2018!

Carine, organiser of Velvet IbizaWhat do you do when you’re not running Velvet Ibiza festival?

I have a full time job working for "Visit Flanders", the tourism departement of the Flemish Government.  That's my daily job.  Besides this I organise (since 2010) a women-only party in Brussels, called 'Velvet Sixty Nine' and I organise the Women's Square during Brussels Pride - this year it takes place on 19 May 2018!

Why do you run Velvet Ibiza?

When I was promoting my party in Brussels I started travelling around Europe and visited other parties and met with other organisers.  That's when I got the idea to organise a European gathering, and create a yearly meet-up where girls could be themselves, be part of the party or just relax at the pool, take part in sports or a day excursion.

And IBIZA is the right place - its was a surprise to hear that so far not one single women only event had been taken place in Ibiza. So I'm very proud to have held the first ever women event on this island.

What are you hoping to create from this festival?

I hope to continue the way it has grown so far, and keep the familiar atmosphere.  I'm working really hard to make it a safe place for women of all ages, styles, and from many different countries around the world; all who enjoy themselves to come together.

It's a unique chance to meet with women from all over the planet. Since it's beginning, Velvet Ibiza has attracted girls from all over the world - USA, UK, Germany, Finland, Rusland, Australia, etc.  

Naomi and Carine at Velvet Ibiza 2016What makes Velvet Ibiza special?

Since it's first year there was a special 'understanding' between the girls, all the different ages, colors or styles didn"t effect the good vibe between the participants. They all mingled and got on very well. It was great to see all the women coming together. 

I suppose the fact that the festival weekend is all inclusive helps. You know exactly how much money you need - once you have booked the festival ticket (and your flight) there are no extra costs. Even a transfer to the resort and all the food and drinks (and alcohol) are included until midnight every night.

And that's what makes it different from other weekends or festivals. 

Why would you recommend Velvet Ibiza festival?

It's the best experience you can ever have!  We bring over the best DJ's from around the world - so the parties are amazing. DJs both provide the club atmosphere at night, and also provide the poolside music during the day.

And the most important part: the festival price is ALL IN - one price to book and then everything is included. 

In a room with 3 persons, you pay 380€/person; and if you book and use the promo code PLANETNATION you only pay €360; that includes your hotel room, your meals, all your drinks until midnight and the transport airport to the hotel (if arrival on 26th and departure on Monday 30th)

Velvet Ibiza festivalWhat kind of women attend Velvet Ibiza?

We attract a very diverse crowd; diverse in age, colour and background.  The age range is between 24-50, and even older.

There are lots of single women, but also a lot of couples. Girls who want to have a good time; girls who are looking for adventure, and girls who want a holiday in a safe space amongst other gay women.

They come from countries from around the world, not just limited to Europe. Last year we had a lot of Americans, perhaps due to the two USA DJ's (Whitey Day & Von Kiss); they even travel from Sydney, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Norway, Morocco, South Africa, Finland, and more. I love that it is such an international event. 

What do you do in your spare time?

In the Summer I love to ride my bike (like all good Flemish people!)

I recently bought a house in Spain (near Benidorm), in the mountains; where I used to go on holidays (with the bike).  I'm going to turn it into a lesbian guesthouse.  It has a lot of space (30.000m²) and a lot of almond & olive trees surrounding it.

I am planning to organise yoga weekends, sport weekends, even weekends to harvest the olives, or you can just come & enjoy the natural beauty of the environment. So I am travelling to Spain a lot in my spare time - but it is for a great reason and I'm excited to get this space up and running!

What has been the highlight over the last few years?

The warm feeling I get from the crowd on the last day of the festival. It is such a great feeling. The last day is always a special day as everyone feels the same, and is greatful to have been part of this beautiful experience, and swapping details with new friends from around the world. 

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

I m mostly looking forward meeting everyone again.  And we are planning an international artist who I really admire. So let's see if we can make it happen!

Velvet Ibiza 2018Velvet Ibiza 2016

Velvet Ibiza logoAbout Velvet Ibiza festival

4 days & nights of poolparties, music, sports, beach, clubbin' girls only in one location.
Sun, sea, beach, pool and hundreds of gorgeous women!

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