2016... will you be at Velvet Ibiza? Come join us!

We are absolutely delighted to be UK Media Partner for Velvet Ibiza - below is a bit of an introduction to what Velvet Ibiza has to offer!

We will be at this festival, covering it and partying hard. Why don't you join us?!

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Velvet 69, the legendary lesbian clubbing brand that puts on the Velvet Brussels and now Velvet Ibiza events, wants to apologise if you missed one truly epic party on the White Island. Sorry you missed one truly epic party! 

This first-ever lesbian weekender in Ibiza was held May 26 – 30th 2015 in the stunning Punta el Arabi resort in the north part of the island, seeing women from all over the world come together to celebrate life, love and of course – party non-stop.

The 4-day programme featured 11 big name female DJ’s from all over Europe spinning everything from funky house to pumping dance floor favourites to R-n-B to indie pop, as well as live acts, PA’s and a now legendary foam party that will certainly be held again next year.  What happens in the foam stays in the foam, baby!

Velvet Ibiza also put on a wide variety of sports activities, including beach volleyball, tennis, yoga and swimming for the truly fit amongst the crowd and offered a more relaxed chill out area around the pool for those happy to sip a cool beer and look at the hot women.  For the single gals in attendance, Velvet Ibiza played match-maker with speed dating and saw women come to relax and get to know each other from all walks of life representing all ages!

The all-inclusive, private nature of the resort atmosphere fostered a real sense of friendship, exploration, new love, comradery and mischief – lubricated by the sun and sangria and all the stunning women mixing together.    By the end of the 4 days, almost everyone had met everyone else, even if they just say hello whilst on the way back to their bungalows or whilst waiting for a plate of the giant paella during dinner. 

For Velvet Ibiza, it’s onwards and upwards to 2016.  Social media is still buzzing with memories and meetings from the weekend and you can check out some of the 1,000’s of pictures from the event on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  pages.  If you didn’t make it this year, you better get booking for next year.  We are already busy planning another epic event!

Book now at www.velvetibiza.com

See what you missed or add your memories here: https://www.facebook.com/velvet69.ibiza