Who wants to be a princess?

Princess the show is a hybrid of a Dance Show, and going to see a live gig!

Without realising it, Stuart Saint, a wonderful friend, and Director, Composer and Choreographer of the production has written a show seeking the feminism in Disney! All whilst shedding clothing and sweating hard on stage to the 80s inspired soundtrack!

Princess ad - the good girls gone bad

It's a show of acceptance, accepting yourself, and loving who you are without needing the approval of others, something that really rings true with me not just in my personal life as a lesbian woman, but in my professional career.

Helen ScottHelen Scott, said:

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be performing in this groundbreaking new style of performance art, and proud to be part of something different and innovative."

Who wants to be a Princess? Anyone who considers themselves, or is open to the idea that being different is the new cool! 

Princess is showing at The Lost Theatre in Stockwell, 15th - 19th November 2016.

www.Princesstheshow.com (warning website contains background music)

BOX OFFICE: 020 7720 6897

£15 / £12.50 (cons)

Revolutionary and critically acclaimed writer/director Stuart Saint brings a ground-breaking interdisciplinary piece of theatre to LOST Theatre inspired by our twisted relationship with the “princess” – shattering the illusion of happily-ever-afters, banishing the storybook fairytale and finding the feminism in Disney.

Because the once pristine and weak-willed princess can now be a kick-ass Ghostbuster or a magical Snow Queen – our world is moving away from the helpless damsel in distress expected to suffer and serve and await to be rescued, and yet it’s at the heart of many a sexual moré. In Princess, Saint creates a lavish spectacle of movement and expression, gig theatre that blends music, dance and video into a new story of good girls gone bad. 

  • Tuesday 15 - Thursday 17 November - 7:30pm
  • Friday 18 November - 7:30pm & 9pm
  • Saturday 19 November - 4pm & 7:30pm

Princess is a ONE ACT performance.  Runnning time: 65mins approx