Theatre Review: Inside Out (part of Maiden Speech Festival)

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Christina Bloom, the star and creator of Inside Out and invited along to her first performance of her first play. I have to be honest, the bar for LBQ-themed performances in London has been rising steadily for the past 4-5 years (see from recent reviews of Turkey and Bullish from the past fortnight alone), however I didn't set any expectations as I reminded myself that this was Christina's debut.

Inside Out is taking place at Theatre N16, above The Bedford in Balham (opposite The Exhibit). It is part of a cinema season called Maiden Speech, produced by Lexi Clare Productions. It features 9 new plays from 10 emerging artists... Oh and it features 8 women who don't identify as heterosexual... 

The performance was an interactive delight combining live music (cello, guitar, keyboard) with singing and visual video backdrop. Seriously - this play has it all... And all the music and singing was provided live and by Christina... Plus there was tap dancing... and she was using a loop pedal... oh and of course - tap dancing whilst playing the cello!!

Planet Nation 5* review of Inside Out, part of Maiden Speech Festival

The performance took us through Christina's journey of life - discovering she likes women and the boxes and labels we are put in, or we put ourselves in. The performance itself takes place both inside and outside of a 3D box.

The songs were inspiring, and catchy - and what was most impressive, all were originals by Christina, who describes herself as a one-woman band as well as a musician and actor. Well I'm sold - where can I buy the soundtrack?!

I honestly can say, I can't believe this was her debut - it was slick, smart, inspiring and it gained a standing ovation that it absolutely deserved.

Want to see Inside Out?

You can still catch Inside Out if you are quick, it has 2 more performances on Friday 13 October at 7:30pm and Saturday 14 October at 4:00pm.

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If you are around on Thursday 12 October, Naomi from Planet Nation will be going to see another of the performances, again at 7:30pm - 'The White Feminist's Guide to Sex and Hip Hop'. She will be at The Bedford for dinner and pre-drinks from 6:30pm - why not join her?

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Inside Out, part of Maiden Speech FestivalAbout Inside Out

By @Stina_Bloom

Inside Out is a show about discovering identity and defying stereotypes in a world that insists upon boxing, packaging, and labelling.

​Christina Bloom shares her experience with matters of the heart in this thought-provoking look at sexuality through the eyes of a one-woman, 'one-man' band. This show explores the cruelty of life, while celebrating small victories and progress towards acceptance.


Christina Bloom


  • Wed 11 Oct @ 7.30pm
  • Fri 13 Oct @ 7.30pm
  • Sat 14 Oct @ 4.00pm

About Maiden Speech

Maiden Speech Festival - nine new plays from 10 emerging artistsProduced by Lexi Clare Productions @LexiClareNZ

From dark comedy to lip-sync, Shakespearean cabaret to rap, Maiden Speech is a theatre festival featuring a striking selection of original works by emerging artists.

​Maiden Speech promises to be a festival that entertains and provokes, engaging with questions of gender and sexuality through a myriad of stories and styles. Brought to you by a team of recent Mountview graduates, this festival marks the first time these nine pieces have been performed on a London stage.

Join us for the first instalment of Maiden Speech; two weeks of compelling new theatre, ideas and faces to watch out for.

Maiden Speech is playing at TheatreN16 in Balham from 10-21 October 2017.

@MaidenSpeech #MaidenSpeech


  • 1 Show: £10 
  • 2 Shows: £15 (Not applicable for the same show)
  • 3 Shows: £20 (Not applicable for the same show)
  • Festival Pass: £25 (See as many shows as you like)

Other performances in this festival that we recommend with an LBQ theme

The White Feminist's Guide to Sex and Hip Hop 

White Feminists Guide to Sex and Hip Hop, part of Maiden Speech Festival

by @RBourges

Firstly: She loves hip hop. Deeply.
Secondly: She is white. Very.
Third of all: She hates when people say thirdly.
Fourthly: She does sex. Bisexually.
Finally: She has discovered feminism. Revolutionary!

A one woman comedy show in verse, that explores hip hop, sex, feminism, and cultural appropriation through the eyes of a privileged white girl.


Roxane Bourges


  • Thur 12 Oct @ 7.30pm
  • Sat 14 Oct @ 7.30pm
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Ma, Am I Good In Bed? 

Ma, Am I Good In Bed? Part of Maiden Speech festivalBy @roisin_bevan and @sineadbmakeup

Some things you should only ever say to your sister. The Duffy girls wanted to be sexy. They wanted to be good at sex. When they actually started having sex, they quickly realised they were neither sexy, nor particularly good at it. To their dismay, the world of sex is bloody complicated.

​Ma, Am I Good In Bed? is a hilarious and honest conversation between two sisters who just really need each other.


  • Roisin Bevan
  • Sinead Bevan


  • Sat 14 Oct @ 6.30pm
  • Wed 18 Oct @ 7.30pm
  • Sat 21 Oct @ 6.30pm
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Purple Snowflakes and Titty Wanks 

Purple Snowflakes and Titty Wanks, part of Maiden Speech Festivalby @sarahhanly3

Purple Snowflakes and Titty Wanks is a vibrant story of survival, a fearless example of semi-autobiographical storytelling and Irish humour. 

We follow Sarah as she navigates her way through grief, drunken nights, and a variety of sexual exploits in a hilarious and heartbreaking one-woman show about mental illness, sexuality, and friendship.


Sarah Hanly


Alice Fitzgerald


  • Tue 10 Oct @ 8.20pm SOLD OUT
  • Fri 20 Oct @ 8.20pm
  • Sat 21 Oct @ 8.20pm
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