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Live Music Performances @ The Dinah 14 #TheDinah14

Posted by Editor on 07 April 2014

The 2014 Dinah Shore weekend line up was one of the best in recent years. From the event that has previously brought guests Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha and Gaga, there is always a high expectation on the standard that has been set. 

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Breaking news: L Project to release LGBT charity single We're All Human worldwide this May

Posted by Planet Nation on 23 March 2014

As the UK's first wave of same-sex newlyweds settle happily into married life, The L Project gears up to repeat their success of 2012 with a second LGBT charity single, We're All Human, to be released this May. Recorded by a diverse group of LGBT artists, every penny earned from the song will be donated to LGBT charities who work to promote diversity and equality.

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The L Project Uncovered... interview with Georgey Payne and Sofia Antonia Milone

Posted by Editor on 23 March 2014

Following the big announcement this morning that the second L Project Song will be released later this year, we spoke to co-ordinators Georgey Payne and Sofia Antonia Milone about what we can expect...

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Album Review: Bloom in the Dark by Smiling Knife

Posted by Editor on 14 December 2013

This is a mature offer from the band, who have clearly found their style, and it shies far away from anything commercial and manufactured.

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Home is where the Horse is

Posted by Jaffa on 04 December 2013
An eagerly awaited concert  at the very relaxed venue, Band on the Wall, Manchester on 28th November, 2013 did not fail to match expectations. In fact, it far surpassed  every expectation. I was also lucky enough to have had some interview questions answered by Horse prior to the concert. 
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"Let the Skyfall" Jade Ellis @ The Candy Bar

Posted by Editor on 09 November 2013

We chatted with the delightful Jade Ellis before her half hour set at Candy Bar. Jade was an X-Factor finalist in 2012. Since leaving the ITV show, she has been working on her music and this year has taken the plunge to establish herself as an artist. 

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"She's Electric" Lucy Spraggan Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire

Posted by Editor on 31 October 2013

Two singles, One album and a #7 chart position later, Lucy has become the full package. From aflop to electric dreams, it's a transformation of the highest order.

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Chvrches at Chick Habit

Posted by Planet Nation on 01 October 2013

The night began with Chick Habit's own DJs warming up the crowd ready for Lauren’s guest appearance. Fans were not disappointed. She played over an hours worth of quality music, seamlessly mixed featuring Azelia Banks, Tegan & Sara, La Roux and even surprised us with a few more unpredictable choices such as Katy Perry and Chvrches’ own remix of Ms Mr’s Hurricane, creating an electric atmosphere over at Candy Bar.

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Interview: Lucy Spraggan talks to us about fans, life and the future

Posted by Editor on 15 September 2013

Beer Fear, Boobs & Pride...

Following a short-lived appearance on X-Factor, something which she is clear to acknowledge was a spring board to all that's happened in her career throughout 2013, Lucy Spraggan has rocketed onto the pop music scene.

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Blue Monday: Live, Loud (and in your living room!)

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 14 May 2013

Blue Monday is an amazing live music event run for lesbian and bi women but welcoming to all who are like minded. For those who don't live in London or who are housebound (don't spread your winter bugs!) fear not as this truly amazing night is streamed live, you can even watch previous events at your own convenience. If you prefer the live atmosphere the night is free to enter and drinks are pretty reasonable too. Blue Monday is hosted by Miri Hersh. She has an amazing team behind her to pull off this modern music medley.

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God Des and She

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 13 April 2013

Despite the jet lag, extreme tiredness and huge list of jobs to be done at Planet London HQ, following a heads up from Ingo of this fabulous gig (the first in the UK and part of their first European tour fresh from Germany), we headed down to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for Bar Wotever.

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Kenelis 'Move' EP Launch

Posted by Planet Nation on 09 December 2012

I woke up fairly certain that the anthemic hook from 'Don't You Kill My Rock' had been reverberating around my head throughout the night, it was certainly still very prominent as I began to get ready for the day after the night before. That night had started with a delightful selection of Lebanese dishes before arriving at the legendary 100 Club in London's Oxford Street. I was there to see the awesome Kenelis live for a third time, this time for the launch of the latest recording – 'MOVE' a four track offering that showcases the best of Mel Sanson's latest work.

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My Kingdom for Horse: Interview with Horse

Posted by Editor on 02 December 2012

Horse credits her longstanding music career, which spans some 30 years, to determination, self belief and the power of her songs. It hasn't been the straightforward career-in-a-box many young hopefuls pitch for on the reality TV circuit, turbulent in terms of opportunities coming and going, and personal challenges too. However, the songs speak for themselves, and quality and integrity of songwriting is something Horse prides herself on. Originality, too, and being unafraid to stay true to her music rather than become part of the pop music marketing machine.

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Mary Gauthier

Posted by Laura Alexander on 20 October 2012

In 2010 Mary Gauthier, (That’s Go-Shay y’all.),  recorded her most recent studio album, “The Foundling”, like all of her music, is a response to a life that includes her illegitimate birth, being adopted by a dysfunctional family andcoming out as HIV positive, first hitting the scene, and drug & alcohol addiction. 

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Ani Difranco at Union Chapel

Posted by Caz Maughn on 11 January 2012

Chapel in Islington seemed the perfect venue for Ani; we sat in our pews and prepared ourselves to worship the ‘Little Folksinger’ who has over the course of more than 20 albums - all released on her own record label - never stopped evolving,   experimenting and testing the limits of what can be said and sung. In this day and age it is easy to take for granted the DIY approach to music but back in 1990 (when she released her first album) saying no to record deals and setting up your own record label was unheard of.  

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