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New single 'Empress' from Radio Noir

Posted by Planet Nation on 05 July 2015

Justine Barker and John Jones unveil their new electronica outfit Radio Noir with the release of Empress, the first track from their forthcoming EP.

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On The Sofa with Rosie and The Goldbug

Posted by Yazy Tauk on 01 June 2015

Rosie and The Goldbug talk masturbation, Kate Bush and their new single "Running in the Dark" in their interview with Yazy Tauk 

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MIRI – Rare Acoustic Sessions EP Launch

Posted by Sarah Lavender on 01 June 2015

MIRI launched her brand new EP last Thursday, at the Star by Hackney Downs, an intimate venue that compliments her style perfectly.  MIRI’s voice is more grown-up, sultry, and contains a raw emotion that makes you believe every word she sings.

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London Bound: Spraggan's Stairway to Heaven

Posted by Editor on 24 May 2015

Opening with the lively In this Church the tone is set for a high octane set and the appreciation sets in early as Spraggan appears confident and more at home on stage than ever before - and we are on the admiring end of a well-honed performance that still maintains the authenticity and personal connection of every live show Spraggan has given in the last three years.

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Beyond 'Tea & Toast': Lucy Spraggan Interview

Posted by Editor on 21 April 2015

Hot on the heels of the news that new single #Unsinkable has reached the top 20 of the Independent Singles Charts, and the announcement that she will appear on Weekend Wogan on Sunday 26 April, we caught up with Lucy Spraggan to discuss songwriting, going it alone and taking CTRL.

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'WE ARE' impressed and inspired by Lucy Spraggan's new album

Posted by Editor on 19 April 2015

This time Spraggan's going it alone, and there's something in the choice of name for her own label, CTRL - about seizing the ownership of creative choice, production, collaboration and marketing. And with a huge established fanbase of #Sprags (if the 340,000 Facebook fans, and 600,000+ Twitter followers are anything to go by), perhaps not just the brave decision but the right one. 

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The "Unsinkable"... Lucy's back and the fans are happy

Posted by Editor on 25 March 2015

The anthemic Unsinkable leads the way, as a super charged - mature, powerful, authentic, heightened and exciting offering, expressing top form from Spraggan both vocally and lyrically.

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Burning Incense with Me and Deboe at Spiritual Bar

Posted by Editor on 14 March 2015

A mini review of an intimate Me and Deboe set at Spiritual Bar.

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Lauryn Redding live at Chick Habit – Review and Q&A

Posted by Sarah Lavender on 04 March 2015

Last Thursday she was back in Soho, this time playing at SHE, and better than ever.  She seemed relaxed and calm as she took to the stage, as if playing for friends in her own front room.  Lauryn has an earthy voice and northern charm which had the room captivated by the end of the first song.

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A Quiff, A Kimono & Suitcase Envy: Rita Payne with Me and Deboe at Green Note

Posted by Editor on 19 December 2014

My last live music event of 2014 was a gem of a show of two acts that we have had the joy to get to know during the last year or so. A mini review to reflect on fab songs and the importance of supporting live, independent music.

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Back to where the streets are paved with stone: Lucy has Landed

Posted by Editor on 28 November 2014

This was a raw and stripped back set, with no gimmicks, taking us back to the beginning, but also highlighting how much Spraggan has evolved as a musician.

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Gig Review: Hussy Hicks

Posted by katlife on 17 October 2014

It was a chilly autumn night in London yesterday and the rain was teeming down. I had tickets to see Australian folk/blues duo Hussy Hicks, but as I peered out the door of my favourite lesbian bar in Soho, the idea of schlepping up to Pentonville Rd seemed less and less appealing.

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Album Review: Ani DiFranco 'Allergic to Water'

Posted by Editor on 22 September 2014

Allergic to Water is moody and low key, intriguingly producing a Vinyl-sound via digital recording. DiFranco has never been afraid to take chances nor speak (sing) her mind. DiFranco’s new studio album, Allergic To Water, is another bold accomplishment and its music is her most subtle. 

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Part 2: Exclusive Interview with Drag Idol Winner LoUis CYfer - Missy Downgirl gets up close and personal with LoUis and Lucy

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on 22 July 2014

Part 2 of our exclusive feature with 2014 Drag Idol Winner LoUis CYfer

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Blue Monday making us happy - the Planet London special

Posted by Editor on 13 June 2014

This month, Blue Monday invited us over to their monthly live music night for LGBT women, to spread the love about Planet London. Blue Monday has been running for 4 years and provides a positive welcome space for (primarily) LBQ women to play in front of welcoming, appreciative audiences.

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Smoking: Heather Peace @ Stokey Stop

Posted by Editor on 11 June 2014

Peace was on fire, with stunning vocals, moody piano and a delicate guitar. Opening with good humour and appreciation of her fans, then the title track  of the second album, Peace set the tone for the hour long set.

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"The Thin Line" Interview with Heather Peace

Posted by Editor on 02 June 2014

Peace's decision to leave Waterloo Road, and concentrate on the second album now was driven by a desire to give the fans what they want. Following the success of the first album and the growing dedicated fan base, whom Peace credits as very "sweet, generous, respectful and the reason I get to do a job I love", she did not want to keep them hanging on too long.

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Let's get 'We are all human' in the charts!

Posted by Planet Nation on 02 May 2014

After the shock of seeing LGBT ‘hunts’ in Russia and gay people being burnt alive in Uganda comes a big dose of LGBT love from the L Project, who released their second LGBT fund-raising single ‘We’re All Human’ this Sunday, May 4.

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