The soulful voice of Sofia B

Sofia B is a London-based artist who has been increasingly visible on the music scene in London over the last year. If you haven't already managed to catch Sofia B on the Pride in London stage, I highly recommend you check out her next gig. We popped along to her recent gig at the GreenNote to see how her music is progressing.

When Sofia B walks on stage, adjusts her guitar and looks out at the audience, you automatically form a connection with her. She smiles and you feel like you are at an intimate gig for one.

The crowd sat back and enjoyed what ended up being a heartfelt performance, something which I have come to expect from Sofia B. Her soul restless; her voice piercing and ethereal as she negotiates her warming melodies.

Sofia B kicked things off with one of my favourites, “Mum I Like A Girl”. This is a track from her previous record, “In The City”. Throughout the gig she switched between songs from her fantastic two records, creating a well-rounded set featuring a good range of tempos and providing both a good mix of old and new for existing fans and a good introduction to her full range for those new to her music.

Sofia B at the GreenNoteSofia B's crowd interaction is second to none with personal dedications during the night. There was a constant buzz in the air and every song sent the audience into an undeniable silence.

Standing there after a few minutes of applause, framed by a dim light above her head, Sofia B began to play her final song using her TC.Helicon VoiceLive Touch looper. This added a whole new dimension to the song. The crowd was once again in silence as “Let It Go” filled the cosy GreenNote basement. 

Sofia B undeniably took the cake for the most heartfelt performance of the night, throwing herself into every lyric, note and riff.

Following her 30 minute set, I conclude that the whole evening depicted a love, connecting the artist directly to the audience where the feeling between each party was entirely mutual.

As well as being a talented music artist, Sofia B is part of Montiel Records.

Montiel received a disciplined and solid education in music; she attended The Sylvia Young Theatre School for Voice in London, studied classical Violin from the age of 5 and attended Berklee College of Music on scholarship, graduating with honours in 2013. After graduating, she moved to New York to gain first hand experience of the music industry in one of the world's leading music capitals before returning to her hometown.

With a boutique-sized roster of artists from Greece to Brazil, the label is very much focused on creating a clean cut, socially just and inspiring brand for our community of artists.