Restless Dreamland review

Delilah Isabella launched her debut album, Restless Dreamland on Sunday 19 November 2016 at a fabulous launch party in Soho.

Delilah is a 22 year old girl from London who has strong connections to the lesbian community and can often be found in Soho at various events such as Boi Box.

Delilah has a passion for music and plays the keyboard and the guitar with one hand!

"Each song is kind of about loneliness, some in a good way some in a bad way - but the album name sort of sums up that time just before you go to sleep and you have loads of stuff on your mind and then a dream muddles them all together"

The songs on the album are:

  1. Restless Dreamland album coverWelcome to Dreamland
  2. L.A
  3. Rivers Edge
  4. Fallen City
  5. Concerned By Coincidence
  6. Fire In A Cage
  7. The She Devils Deal (Accoustic version)

The songs are beautifully written with lyrics you can relate to. They are haunting and emotional and you can really tell that Delilah has put her heart on her sleeve for this album. I was lucky enough to see Delilah perform these songs live at SHE Soho for her album launch. Initially a little shaky, by the last song she had blossomed and you could literally feel the energy and enjoyment she was feeling in performing her songs to the room.

You can buy Restless Dreamland now on iTunes for £5.53:

Visit Delilah's website and follow her on Facebook.