Music Review - One Take by N Chyx

We were delighted when we heard that N Chyx had produced a track that was going to be used in several mental health campaigns. Firstly because it is a very important topic that finally seems to be getting the airspace needed to destigmatise it to encourage people to seek help rather than feel ashamed, but also because it is showcasing another talented LBQ woman in our community!

The opening bars are a sole beautiful piano. Calm, peaceful and then N Chyx hits you with her strong lyrics. The echo to the vocal track beautifully matches the lyrics which speak of depression and anxiety. It is no surprise that this track is being used for campaigns around mental health. It is a fairly short track at 1 minute 39 seconds, but the message is clear and powerful.

The track, called ONE TAKE, was written and recorded in one take by N Chyx and is a powerful message. With LGBT people twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts or contemplate suicide and 2-3 times more likely to suffer from depression than heterosexual people, this track will resonate with a large number of the community. For those it doesn't hold a personal connection to, no doubt it will be for at least on of their close friends or family.

This is what N Chyx had to say about this track:

"Thankfully, I have been asked to use this track in various campaigns tackling the depression stigma around the USA, and to promote PMDD awareness... I'm glad I am able to use my music to open minds. We as people are often very quick to judge, but deny ourselves time to educate, we are quick to love people we don't know and neglect those close to us that often need us most."

Why not listen for yourself?

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