Lucy's Coming Home - Lucy Spraggan Acoustic Tour and Home EP review

It's the Friday night of a very long week, and freezing to boot. Arriving at Bush Hall, the mood is instantly lifted as the energy in the air is high and full of excitement and anticipation.

Bush Hall is a stunning venue, a perfect cosy antidote to February. The wait passes swiftly as two decent support acts (Lola Young and the Dunwells) keep the full house pleasantly entertained.

And then Spraggan takes the stage, owning the space entirely in this stripped back solo affair. A loud applause welcomes the start of an emotional and nuanced, intimate set.

The heart wrenching Coming Down kicks off the night, and as a tone setter, a pretty deep opener. But the audience are in it, drawn in by a presence that truly appreciates their presence. This event was a masterclass in fan engagement, at every level it is obvious that we are travelling on a shared journey.

Join the Club is the perfect response next, a calling card of the value of positive responses to negative circumstances, that we have the power to take control of our situations. 

The rallying Lighthouse never fails to capture the eagerness of the fans to participate and sing along at the top of their voices, and yet just as the crescendo rises, the rug is pulled out right from under with a devastating emotional pull in Dear You, a brand new track that stunned the audience to a wrapt silence.

The first track to be played from the new EP, a classic in its own right long serving fans will know: Yes This One's for You is a cheeky number and deservedly crowd pleasing. 

The heart strings continue to be plucked and then strummed as Spraggan rolls through the tear jerking, all too honest stories of Paper Cuts  and Tea and Toast - where simplicity is at its most powerful, juxtposed against the banter-filled humour-filled likes of Jeremy Kyle and Don't know nothing about the blues before a final straight into a sucker punch to the heart. 

Music five star reviewHome, the title track of the new EP, has all the markings of a single not yet released, and was the standout track of the night, with not only excellent vocals but a truly accomplished feel. Far too quickly, Spraggan is driving into Butterflies, melodically one of the strongest tracks in Spraggan's catalogue, before anchoring at the lyrically superb Unsinkable and finally landing us at self-declared favourite pick Uninspired, a painfully personal but beautiful lament of the dark journey through choices and experiences and eventual return to the light. 

Five stars and a welcome return to Spraggan's true home on the stage.

Lucy Spraggan HomeThe tour supports the new EP Home, hot on the heels of 2015's We Are album, which offers two brand new personally inspired tracks Home and Skylight and a reworking of two classics Yes, This One's For You alongside a very special authentically acoustic Tea and Toast that includes the origin story commentary that often accompanies the live performance.

A must have for every fan. Copies and signed copies are available here.