Introducing Rachael Sage

Rachael Sage: Coloring Book (Exclusive UK Version)

Rachael Sage's vibrant new video for her song "Coloring Book" features her own original paintings and highlights her passion for all things colorful, illuminating her creative process as both a musician and a visual artist from a child's playful perspective. Directed by ongoing collaborator Nick Clark and starring young Brooklyn-based actress Mikaela Oppenheimer, the video was shot in Brooklyn with fellow NYC-based musicians Matt Nakoa and Andy Mac. Sage composed the song at 11 years old, but only recently recorded it for the deluxe issue of her latest album, "Blue Roses".

For Sage, music has always been a colorful affair. From her early days as a ballet dancer donning elaborate costumes and stage makeup to her college years scoring music for large-scale theater productions, music and image have been inextricably linked. As a young girl, Sage met pop artist Keith Haring while performing at an AIDS benefit alongside fellow students at the School Of American Ballet, for whom he designed a special commemorative poster.

"Keith Haring was my biggest influence as a visual artist from a very young age, and I still have that poster he signed for me on my bedroom wall. I used to hang out at The Pop Shop just to soak in his uplifting, universal lexicon, and his generous approach to art-making across all available media was a huge inspiration."

For the multifaceted singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, it's been an exciting and unique experience bringing her artwork to life within the format of a music video. Sage hopes this will encourage some of her younger fans to feel there are no limits to where imagination can take them. "I have a seven-year-old niece who is a wonderful artist. She creates from such a pure, unencumbered place, and loves to give away her drawings to everyone. It can be such a challenge as we get older to hold on to that direct connection between creativity and love, but for me it's pretty much everything."

This exclusive UK version of the video also features the neon artwork of innovative NYC-based artist Marco Guglielmino, along with a mural by renowned German painter Markus Linnenbrink, who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.