#ShesInLondon - Lauren on Hana (and Hana on everyone else... )

I had the wonderful pleasure of being casted as Hana (spelled with one N) in She’s in London. I am the token American in the cast and loved playing this steamy character.

What brought me over to London was me getting my master’s in Theatre at East 15. Before I hopped over the pond I was an actress in Los Angeles playing supporting roles in Cuttin Da Mustard, Venus and Vegas, Bottleworld, and Mighty Macs and also did numerous short films and voice-overs.

Shortly after I moved to London I started learning magic and then started to combine it with burlesque (oooh yes I can magically make my clothes disappear J).  When I perform burlesque I go by the name of Loretta von Dini. She is my alter ego and cooler sexier self kind of like the role I play in She’s in London, and though Hana is not a magician she does use her magic to seduce the ladies. I had the pleasure to shoot a nice steamy scene so definitely keep your eyes out for that.


I loved working with everyone on this project, from the cast to the crew it was such a great team. I think the casting was done so well and we all just melded together which created a nice family environment. I think the chemistry really sparks on screen, making it a true pleasure to come to set everyday.  

This series really depicts the ups and downs of lesbian life and also shows some real issues that are taking place in London. All I have to say is bring on season 2.!!!!

Thank you so much Tello films for picking us up and to our amazing writer Katie Bennett-Hall... all I ask is please keep creating steamy sexy scenes for me ;) Everyone out there please make sure you watch the magic that is She’s in London.

Lauren talks about her steamy role and the on set chemistry

Hana reveals the woman behind the mystery...