#ShesInLondon... introducing THEO

MIRI gets into the hotseat with our exclusive Q&A... plus some on camera interviews from MIRI and her #ShesInLondon alter ego THEO

Tell us about the character you play in She’s in London

I play Theo who's quite a free spirit. She just got out of a long term relationship and is enjoying her freedom and the attention she receives whilst working at a lesbian bar in Soho. 

What journey does your character go on? 

Theo's not a bad person but she makes some choices that aren't exactly kosher. She learns about taking responsibility for her actions and grows as a person because of this.

Hear THEO spill the beans...


What interested you in this project in the first place?

Being involved in the first ever London based LBQ web series was a pretty enticing and exciting project to be involved in. The team behind it made me feel comfortable enough to go for the audition and give it a shot.

Why do you think it’s important to make good LBQ content?

There's still a lot of misrepresentation in the mainstream media and entertainment world so it's important to go to the core of the community and create something's that's truly authentic. If it can filter into the mainstream and over ride those stereotypes then that would be grand. 

What was a highlight of the filming process for you?

The whole process was a highlight. I'd wanted to explore acting again for years so this was a great crash course. I learnt so much and met some cool people along the way. 

How would you like to see your character developing in season 2?

I'd either like to see a bit more of Theo's family background which I think would be fun or take Theo's character somewhere a lot darker. 

MIRIHow is this project different from other things you have done?

Well my usual job is working as a musician and also co promoting a monthly live music night called Blue Monday. So I see more similarities then differences like the whole creative process. When I first started gigging and recording vocals I had to keep doing it in order to hone my craft and it's similar with acting. You have to keep at it even if you get it wrong sometimes and it feels uncomfortable. It all helps you to grow and develop.

What’s next for you? What other projects are you working on? 

We have a few exciting things going on with Blue Monday which we'll be able announce at a later date and I'll be continuing to perform around the UK. I'm looking into some more live shows abroad. I've just come back from a gig in Berlin and it was amazing. I just want to travel as much as I can. Doing my music and travelling at the same time is perfection. 

If you could choose to work with one actor/tress who would you pick and why?

Joaquín Phoenix because I love him and because he's a great actor.  

What is your guilty pleasure?

It's still TOWIE and Made In Chelsea. Sorry. 

Do you have a fan site or page? 

www.facebook.com/miriofficialuk Or follow me on Twitter and Instagram @miriofficialuk

Catch MIRI talking about playing THEO in She's In London