Clare Hopes gets into the hotseat with our exclusive Q&A... plus some on camera interviews from Clare and her #ShesInLondon alter ego MEL

Planet London (PL): Tell us about the character you play in She’s in London

Clare Hopes (CH): I play the character of Mel, a property developer who is part of the corporate machine that want to gentrify Soho's gay bars. She  wrestles with her own conscience in her private and professional life. Causing mayhem and mischief among the ladies, one questions her integrity in love and career throughout the series.

Hear MEL spill the beans...


PL: What journey does your character go on?

CH: Mel has a rocky journey and makes a few head to heart decisions along the way. Which decisions.....I'll leave you to find out.  

PL: Why do you think it’s important to make good LBQ content?

CH: Because there simply isn't enough of it and I am proud to have contributed to an under represented world. 

PL: What was a highlight of the filming process for you?

CH: Knowing that I was raising awareness of the gentrification of Soho whilst playing the villain at the same time.

PL: What’s next for you? What other projects are you working on?

CH: Playing a detective in a Sci-fi, crime drama called Humber City: https://www.facebook.com/Humber.City. In between shooting, writing and developing my own projects.

PL: If you could choose to work with one actor/tress who would you pick and why?

CH: Tom Hardy because he is unpredictable, brilliant, raw, inspiring and sexy. Sorry.. did I mention sexy? ;)

PL: What is your guilty pleasure?

CH: A lady never tells... ;)

Catch Clare dicussing playing MEL right here: