But She Is My Student Blasts Off

Looking for a new series to watch? Well you may not have to wait that long!

Authors Kiki Archer and Jade Winters have come together to form Winters Archer Production Company with the aim of bringing high quality lesbian fiction to the big screen. They only launched recently and already they are in the middle of their first project.

We have found out a bit more about what they are working on.

Jade Winters said:

"We’re both lesbian women. We both write lesbian stories. If we can’t get it right then there might not be any hope left at all."

Kiki quickly added:

"But we’re totally new to all this so we’ve teamed up with Director Nathan Hannawin (Sleaford Mods: Invisible Britain) and Producer Mo Beheshti to start the process of getting But She Is My Student, an adaptation of my debut novel, into production."

Jade said:

"So far we’ve filmed a ten minute introduction to the story that will accompany our pitch for further investment. It going to be a long process, but the ball is finally rolling."

Kiki Archer on set at Coldfield ComprehensiveFor Kiki one of the highlights was seeing it all come to life.

"Just being on set at Coldfield Comp felt incredibly strange. We actually filmed the classroom scenes at London met Uni with the support of Jeremy Collins the Senior Lecturer in Media Studies. I was obviously involved in the casting of the main characters but there were some actors in supporting roles that I only met for the first time on the day. I felt Hannah Phag was particularly well cast as was Head teacher Kirsty Spaulding and in fact so were Dave Lester and Fiona Mews. Ben Puller the one male hunk in my novel also did a good job rising to that role… how hunky I actually find men is something that should be taken with a pinch of salt though."

Freya Elton

Jade added:

"For me, Freya Elton really shone, a new young actress called Chloe Astleford. She didn’t have many lines in the introduction but she certainly had a lot of action that you lady lovers out there will absolutely love. And can I also give a big shout out needs to go to our co producer, Alex Hogben who has, and continues to work wonders, on this project, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my wife."

Kiki and Jade have promised to keep the community abreast (so to speak) of the progress as it occurs, so watch this space.

Alex Hogben said:

"We’re just great friends embarking on an epic and it’s proving to be an awful lot of fun."

Photographs by Simon Purse

Winters Archer Productions LogoAbout Winters Archer Productions

Authors Jade Winters and Kiki Archer formed Winters Archer Productions in order to create a trusted community of women intent on bringing the very best of lesbian fiction to the big screen.


Kiki Archer and Jade Winters