Quality Lesbian Content - no problem!

With mainstream television only portraying a small proportion of our gay lives; it isn't surprising that we want something more.

Programmes on television are increasingly including LGBT characters, but we see their interaction with the mainstream world, which only represents a small proportion of our real lives.

The web, Netflix and independent film allows us to create quality LGBT content aimed at and created by LGBT people. These tend to be much more reflective of our lives; and cover the majority of our time - not just the mainstream interaction.

So where can you watch this content I hear you cry?!?

The good news is there are many options!


You have to have been on another planet to have missed hit series Orange is the New Black. A Netflix original that as yet seems to be doing a good job of merging the mainstream with LBQ life - and has done a good job of realising the core lesbian audience and keeping these characfters strong.

Less well known but certainly worth a look is Orphan Black. Characters including a lesbian and a trans man. The interaction is more mixed; however all of the characters are played by the same person from the soccer mum to the trans man to a London orphan.

London Live

In 2014 London Live screened the Pride in London march and event in Trafalgar Square live. In addition they are now repeating Candy Bar Girls. Whilst they don't appear to be producing any new content at the moment, it is great to see that they are open to more LGBT content.

Candy Bar GirlsCandy Bar Girls re-run on London Live

Originally shown on Channel 5 in 2011, this series is being re-shown on London Live. The series followed many people who socialise and work at The Candy Bar - a lesbian bar which sadly closed its doors a few years ago.

Whilst it is good to reminisce, it probably doesn't serve much more purpose. Many of those featured are no longer active on the scene; the bar no longer exists; and those featured are 5 years older now!

Tello Films

Tello Films is a web series platform based out of the US. There are a number of free web series; and there is also a paid premium service. The premium access is $4.99 a month (around £3 dependent on the exchange rate) and you can upgrade and downgrade as you wish with no minimum term).


She's in London

In September 2015, the UK's first globally distributed lesbian web series She's in London was premiered on Tello Films.

She's in LondonA 6 episode web series, it follows the fight to save a lesbian bar from closure by the Soho gentrification brigade.

With a story that focuses on a Soho lesbian bar and the fight to save it against the backdrop of the gentrification of Soho, and of course the love dramas that take place between staff and customers of the bar, the series aims to portray real lesbian, bi and queer (LBQ) London life.

No good LBQ web series would be complete without sex, love, friendships and drama, and She's in London has this in spades.


We Are Open TV

Open TV is a platform for indie arts and artists. We incubate art and artists commercial television studios and networks cannot develop consistently. We believe television is an art but must also showcase different types of art outside of the competition format we see on reality TV. We believe television must be open to diverse identities and their experiences, so we are committed to developing work from artists most often left out of commercial production: queer, trans, and cis-women and people of color. All Open TV artists keep their intellectual property and distribution agreements are non-exclusive.

Open TV is in beta. We are developing new works, but we’re also in development. Open TV will grow slowly: artist-by-artist and series-by-series. We are not focused on “scale” and “big data” but rather on showcasing artists who have earned a few minutes of your time.


Full OutFull Out

The first series to come out of We are Open TV is Full Out. Full Out, created by King is Fink is a story of ambition, manipulation, betrayal, and self-discovery, Full Out follows a closeted dancer as she struggles to regain her glory following a devastating injury.

Full Out series one is being released fortnightly from mid January.


Celesbian TV

Launching in February 2016 is the latest outlet for quality content - Celesbian TV.

Described on their website as a mind, Body and Health positive channel for all who identify as Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Transgender and Queer. Celesbian TV is going to be a YouTube lifestyle channel.


In Bed with AliceWhilst we don't yet know what to expect, we have seen sight of a little teaser from Alice Frick; who has been filming 'In Bed with Alice'.

Looking at the gallery I also notice good friend and amazing vegan cook AJ is also being featured. We're looking forward to hearing more about the content shortly.


So as you can see there really is a lot of choice - and more is popping up all the time!