#Hashtag online - season 2 is here!

Following the popular first season of the technology-lesbian-dating-themed Chicago based web series, tellofilms presents season two of #Hashtag,

Covering all angles of modern dating, socialising and friendship forming: inappropriate selfies, OK Cupid intrigue, viral vines “#Hashtag” follows the love lives of two technology-obsessed best friends in Chicago.

Hashtag posterAfter leaving fans hanging due to a sex-vs-friendship dilemma at the end of season one, tellofilms released the highly anticipated season 2 first episode on Sunday 18 January. Epsiodes will be released weekly on Sundays thereafter, up to the 9th and finale epsiode on SUnday 15 March.

Written by and starring Caitlin Bergh and Laura Zak and directed by Christin Baker and Jessica King, the new season features the on-screen return of Marnie Alton, Remy Maelen, and Kate Black-Spence. It also adds the talented Stefanie Sherk and Heather Chrisler to the “#Hashtag” ensemble.

Season 2 takes the friendship and stories to a new level, full of sexy adventures against the comedy back drop the surrounded the first season. Questions around the difference between online vs IRL relationships, the need to Instagram a moment to make it real, and how far a person can ride a viral video series to stave of being homeless are all explored, alongside relationship boundaries in the digital age.

Bergh and Zak, alongsde Marnie Alton, Remy Maelen, and Kate Black-Spence make welcome returns and the chemistry between Zak and Alton is sizzling throughout... leading to do a climactic cliffhanger that leaves us wondering what will happen next! 

At 7.30pm GMT on the day each new episode is released, you can livetweet your reactions to the cast, crew, and other fans using the hashtag #HashtagSeries.

In order to watch #Hashtag and the other premium lesbian shows on tello, all your readers have to do is sign up for a tello subscription for the low, low price of $4.99/month.