Easy Abby Releases Season 1 Double Episode Finale Free on YouTube!

The award-winning lesbian web series, Easy Abby, is releasing the Season 1 Finale FREE on YouTube on Wednesday, May 14th. The Finale entitled “Chicago Free Fall” includes both Episodes 13 and 14 and will roll out on the Juicy Planet YouTube Channel and on the show’s official website http://easyabby.com/.

After screening the Easy Abby feature movie version on the film festival circuit this past year, the creators are excited to release the Season 1 series conclusion that online fans have been waiting for.  

Easy AbbyThe first 12 (of 14 total) episodes of Easy Abby have already received over 15 Million views, with a fan base that includes North America, Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. Releasing Season 1 on YouTube offers accessibility in a dozen languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Italian, and more! 

Writer/Director Wendy Jo Carlton (Hannah Free, Jamie & Jessie Are Not Together) and Actor/Producer Lisa Cordileone (Abby) look forward to releasing Season 2 on a distribution channel to be announced, that best serves the show and its audience. 

Easy Abby Season 2 is currently in production in Chicago, and has been expanded to a 9 episode, half-hour TV show format.

Stay tuned as Abby will be dealing with her troubled Mom and a new love triangle in Season 2!