Easy Abby - the lesbian web series phenonmenon

Web series are fast becoming the platform to view high quality lesbian 'TV' content, and the quantity of what's available is growing as fast as the quality.

From the mainstream Netflix presenting 'Orange is the New Black' to dedicated lesbian content producers Tello, there's something for everyone, that suits every budget and internet connection speed. There's online streaming, on line hire/download, audio/podcast and sizes of files that suit PC, tablet or mobile devices.

Easy AbbyEasy Abby from Juicy Planet Pictures is certainly one that has broken the barrier to popularity. The RomCom has quickly become a fan favorite in its first Season, with close to 12 million views worldwide. The show has received Golden Kitty Awards for Best Lesbian Web Series, Best Director and Best Lesbian Character on the Internet and chosen as an Editor’s Pick by Web Series Channel.

It's set in Chicago, and follows Abby (Lisa Cordileone), a 30-something bicycle mechanic who is trying to manage her anxiety attacks while seducing as many women as possible. 

Of the series, which looked like it would be a blast to make, actor Lisa Cordileone told us

"The most enjoyable part about working on Easy Abby was realizing how much trust I have in Wendy Jo as a director and being able to just let go. I loved having the opportunity to work with a cast of actors who I respect and are kick ass people who have been patient and dedicated to our project."

With the aim of spreading the word as widely as possible, Easy Abby season 1 is currently running the festival circuit in a re-purposed format as a Feature Film that includes additional transitional footage between the episodes, along with a new opening and closing.

Regarding season 2, Cordileone says "We are in pre-production, writing, and fundraising mode" So watch this space!

Easy Abby is written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton (Hannah Free, Jamie & Jessie are Not Together) the show features Lisa Cordileone, Emily Shain, Fawzia Mirza and Haviland Stillwell.

Episodes 1- 12 of Easy Abby Season 1 can be seen for FREE on OML. The 2-part finale is available via OML+ for $3.29

he Official Websitehttp://easyabby.com contains all the episodes + info, photos, gossip, the episodes, the finale trailer and details about screenings.