Different for Girls review

As one of the most eagerly anticipated offerings at the BFI Flare LGBT Film Festival 2017, I admit to jumping at the chance to review this new lesbilicious web series.

Like many, I’m tired of lesbian tropes in mainstream TV. And with the likes of Guinevere Turner (Go Fish) and Rachel Shelley (The L Word) among an impressive cast list, I’ve not wanted to see a show so much since OITNB.

I was not disappointed. The opening scene sets the tone for what’s to come; a gritty, real drama that grips your attention and holds onto it.

Dreamt up by Jacquie Lawrence, and based on her racy book of the same name, DFG revolves around the lives of ten women and four men. It is directed by Campbell X, an award-winning film maker who wrote and directed Stud Life (2012).

Different for Girls with Guinevere TurnerBased in Chiswick, the characters are dubbed by their creator as 'the real lesbian and bisexual housewives of West London'. They have intertwined lives, with complex narratives including children, marriage, betrayal and more.

Whilst I wasn’t a fan of some of their antics, I couldn’t help but warm to them, especially Cam (Tuyen Do) and Fran (Victoria Broom). One storyline involving them had me out of my seat shouting at the TV (had Gogglebox been installed in my lounge my reaction would have no doubt gone viral).

It all ends with a solitary black mascara-filled tear streaming down Fran’s face. Reminding that Broom does gritty drama best (I’ve seen her before in the gut-wrenching The Herd).

Different for Girls kissIf you want wall-to-wall ladies, realism, surprise, steamy sex scenes and more, this show will not disappoint.

All that’s left to say is my eyes will be peeled for the next installment. Grab yourself some popcorn and get settled in for what I’m predicting to be the next big lesbian series.

Different for Girls goes out exclusively on the YouTube channel Lesbian Box Office on Saturday 18 March at 6.00pm (GMT).

The world premiere of Different for Girls is taking place at BFI Flare, where it has been selected as a Special Presentation on Friday 17 March 2017 (sold out). Join Planet Nation for a social between 6pm and 9pm and meet some of the cast and crew, and you wont want to miss the festival after-party Pink Glove.

Jacquie Lawrence, writer of Different for GirlsWriter of Different for Girls, Jacquie Lawrence is an award-winning documentary producer and commissioning editor. 

Her credits include the Oscar-nominated The Celluloid Closet, and BAFTA award winning Ross Kemp on Gangs. Different For Girls was her first novel and she is working on the sequel, with a working title of Same But Different. She has plans to turn in to a trilogy. In 2000, Lawrence entered into a relationship with TV exec, Dawn Airey. They are married with two children.

Different for Girls the book is available on Amazon