Different for Girls Interview: Victoria Broom (Fran)

Planet Nation got to dig deep with Diva award-winner Victoria Broom, who plays Fran in the hot new lesbian web series, Different for Girls. We talk to her about her character, playing blue aliens, love and more!

Why Different For Girls (DFG)?

DFG is so important to me for many reasons, this series is so unique. Not only does it focus on lesbian couples doing normal, everyday things like marriage, divorce, affairs, children, relationships, sex (all of which every sexuality and gender can relate to), it also focuses on an older generation rather than the overdone 'coming out' and partying situations. It’s a breath of fresh air, and the characters are all so relatable and of course those that you simply love to hate… whatever your sexual orientation.

What do you love most about your character?

Fran is such a multi-faceted and complex character. She is loyal to the bone, and would do anything for Cam. I see a lot of myself in Fran, I’ve known how to party and be the last one to leave ha ha, not anymore though, I’m home in bed with a cup of tea by 9pm! However there is a frail side to Fran, a side where she simply cannot cope with what life throws at her; this is a deep rooted issue which is talked about a bit more in season 2. It relates to her having a twin, constantly trying to please parents and desperate for their approval and how this has affected her her whole life. She’s also affected by past relationships. And when things get tough, well... she hits the drink and the drugs hard! She uses these to cope.

What are you currently watching?

Well, probably like the rest of the universe I’m a Netflix junkie. Currently I’m loving the Santa Clara Diet, Narcos, OA, and OITNB obviously.

What's next for you?

I'm in a movie franchise called Space Beers, it’s super fun! Playing the lead alien. A blue alien actually! And lots of other little bits and pieces.

What are some things about you that not many people know?

I was a black belt and national champion in Kung Fu.  I’m also currently doing an open degree in Earth Science  for fun! I am a super geek for rocks, not the music style but actual rocks.

What is your favourite lesbian TV moment?

Oh gawd.... This may sound a bit cheesy but it was so important to me growing up (and most younger readers might not even know what I’m talking about), but it was HUGE! Ellen coming out on the Ellen show! My god, back then it was such a huge, huge deal. I wept and shouted “Yeahhhhh, so being a girl liking girls is ok!!” That was a huge groundbreaking moment on television for me.

What is your favourite scene in Different for Girls?

When I confront my twin brother, this was a tough scene to prep for - I had to take myself away and just sit and mentally prepare. A funny thing happened on set though... during one take of the scene I accidentally punched the camera, it hurt, a lot! Like a trooper, I carried on.

If you could spend the day as anyone, who would it be?

Glenn Close! Not 100% sure why, but I think it would be great to be her for the day.

What's your relationship status?

I am in a wonderful relationship with a woman I adore [I catch up with the two of them later, and both are clearly smitten, awwww].

Different for Girls is a FREE web series available to view via the YouTube channel Lesbian Box Office. It was created by Jacquie Lawrence who is an award-winning documentary producer. Her credits include the Oscar-nominated The Celluloid Closet, and BAFTA award winning Ross Kemp on Gangs.

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About Victoria Broom

Victoria Broom has a long list of film and TV credits including Deranged, Legacy, Crossroads and ABC's of Death 2. The London actress starred in the world’s first first feminist/vegan horror movie, The Herd. She is currently filming Space Beers, an alien abduction film where beer is the only hope of survival.