Out of the Lens

#Hashtag Returns!

Posted by Editor on 15 December 2014

#Hashtag Series 2 is coming soon!

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50 Shades of Gay from The Gay Women Channel

Posted by Planet Nation on 14 November 2014

The Gay Women Channel on YouTube is a Canadian based YouTube channel that features gay-themed videos. There latest one; a parody of the new trailor for 50 shades of grey - titled 50 shades of gay.

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Diversity, content & web series - a match made in heaven?

Posted by Editor on 05 October 2014

At the Raindance Web Series Festival (#RDWF) Diversity Panel last weekend, a matter close to our hearts was discussed. Christin Baker from Tello films provided a fantastic Lesbian perspective and unashamedly defended the right of content creators to produce for their niche audience.

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Dancing in the Rain with Tello and Roomies at Raindance

Posted by Editor on 16 September 2014

We are very pleased to reveal that one of our favourite web series, and one of out favourite LGBT businesses, Tello films, who produce and distribute innovative, high-quality web series with a lesbian focus is coming to the second Raindance web series festival. 

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Here it is! 'Grrls Guide to Film making' with Rolla Selbak

Posted by Planet Nation on 11 August 2014

Award-winning out filmmaker Rolla Selbak is releasing the new online “interview” series, in which she shares her personal Hollywood vlogs as she visits some of the most prominent lesbian filmmakers making it happen today.

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"Starting From...Now!" Ready, Steady... Season 2 finale out on Tuesday

Posted by Editor on 05 July 2014

The brain child of award winning writer/director, Julie Kalceff, Starting From...Now, is a six part, two season dramatic Australian lesbian web series, with a third season currently in development fans will be pleased to hear. 

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“Dyke Central” the queer, Bay Area based web series needs our help

Posted by Planet Nation on 01 July 2014

Dyke Central, the SF Bay Area-based queer series touted for the diversity of its cast and relatability of its characters, released its 23-minute Episode 2, “Taboo”, Sunday June 1st on YouTube, which we got to see at this year's Dinah Shore weekend.

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Easy Abby Releases Season 1 Double Episode Finale Free on YouTube!

Posted by Planet Nation on 03 May 2014

The award-winning lesbian web series, Easy Abby, is releasing the Season 1 Finale FREE on YouTube on Wednesday, May 14th. The Finale entitled “Chicago Free Fall” includes both Episodes 13 and 14 and will roll out on the Juicy Planet YouTube Channel and on the show’s official website http://easyabby.com/

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Back to... Orange

Posted by Editor on 21 April 2014

It's not very often I get the chance to re-capture that "first time" feeling, where that overwhelming mind blowing sensation of finding something that can really be connected to, can be replayed. 

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The Dinah 2014 Film Festival incl. Liz Vassey & #Hashtag interviews

Posted by Editor on 06 April 2014

With an even bigger line up than the 2013 event, making this second Dinah Film Festival a now solid fixture on the programme, the limited ticket audience were in for an exclusive treat.

Programmers had arranged a huge line up of the cast and film makers of the 7 strong programme, making this a very special event for guests. Cast and filmmakers took to the stage in possibly the strongest ever LBQ line up on one small stage after the screenings to do a Q&A session and may stayed around after the event to chat to fans.

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Webseries: #Hashtag review & Marnie Alton interview

Posted by Editor on 15 March 2014

#Hashtag follows the love lives of two technology-obsessed best friends in Chicago. From Instagram seduction to inappropriate selfies, Twitter over-sharing to OK Cupid...

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Tracy Ryserson and Stacie K of 'The Real L Word' - audio interview

Posted by Editor on 21 November 2013

A cheeky interview with these 2 gorgeous stars from The Real L Word

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Web series review: 'Roomies' & 'The Neighbors' from Tello

Posted by Editor on 07 November 2013

Published in 2013 by Tello, Roomies is the web series comedy that offers laughs a-plenty encased in slick production. There are characters you'll recognise brought out in their comic best. In particular, standing out is Julie Goldman's portryal of the recently heartbroken Sam who allows herself to become embroiled in a case of fake relationship to secure a great place to live whilst reconnecting with her "straight" best friend.


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Orange is the New Black - finally reviewed (*NO SPOLIERS*)

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on 22 October 2013

The show itself is polished, each character is well rounded with a complete and interesting back story. There is no laziness in the writing as it’s kept fresh with spins on social situations all too familiar. 

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Easy Abby - the lesbian web series phenonmenon

Posted by Editor on 17 October 2013

Web series are fast becoming the platform to view high quality lesbian 'TV' content, and the quantity of what's available is growing as fast as the quality.

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Comedy Review: Mae Martin Slumber Party @ Soho Theatre

Posted by Editor on 11 October 2013

"Come What Mae"

From the warm welcoming, understated entrance, it's like a humorous 'getting to know' a new best friend. Mae is charming, witty and modest. She tells tales about those familiar milestones of growing up with compassion and hilarious facial expressions. She's a self confessed Harry Potter erotica fan.

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"Kiss Her I'm Famous": Interview with Rolla Selbak

Posted by Editor on 22 September 2013

Following the selection of Rolla Selbak's web series "Kiss Her I'm Famous" in the Raindance Film Festival's first independent web festival, we caught up with the Award Winning Director to find out what inclusion in the festival means and what's coming up for the hit series.

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Second Shot @ LFest - episodes 1,2,3

Posted by Planet Nation on 25 July 2013

Saturday morning Uttoxeter racecourse, the summer sun shining brightly, outside the designated screening room, Ladies of all shapes and sizes are congregating. A simple chalk board displaying the reason for the looks of excited expectation painted on the faces of the growing crowd. 

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Girl Play - web series

Posted by Planet Nation on 13 May 2013

Girl Play will feature eight fifteen to twenty minute episodes about four feminine lesbian women who are focused on finding love, exhilarating careers, and most importantly, their own identities.

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Second Shot (at...)

Posted by Editor on 06 April 2013

We had promised ourselves no work on this honeymoon, however we got a sneak preview of Second Shot whilst at the Dinah Shore and couldn't resist a quick review! This brand new, hot off the press LGBT sitcom, set in Ohio, is packed full of potential to become a hit TV show.

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