Living a Gender Free World with style

I have been seeing these shirts around for a while, I think first on Cindy from L Fest and then on a few other lesbian and bi women around the UK.

The patterns are always bold and smart, but more importantly, unique.

I have a very awkward size, broad shoulders from years of swimming squads and big hips from my family genes. However sadly I don’t have a large chest. This means that 90% of shirts don’t fit me. To get the shoulder or hip size, I have to go larger, but with women’s shirts big hips and broad shoulders seems to come along with an assumption of a large chest – the result being enough excess material on my back to create a tent.

Naomi from Planet Nation wearing a GFW Clothing t-shirt

Now GFW shirts are not cheap – they are made in the UK, with top quality material, and are extremely good quality – however this has meant I was wary of spending money on a shirt for fear it wouldn’t fit. Thankfully GFW had a stand at LFest this year, and I had a 5 minute break from the cinema where I had the opportunity to try on a shirt.

As someone who struggles (small bust and large hips leaves a lot of excess material at the back - plus swimmer shoulders and large arms means most shirts just don't fit my arms) - I was extremely impressed – not only was the shirt designed for broad shoulders and wide hips, it had decent arm sizes and looked awesome on me! I wasn’t in a position to buy a shirt at LFest, however I’m delighted to say I have just received my first order of 3 shirts. I love them all!

I’ll let you decide for yourself if they are any good!

It is worth noting that the sizes and shapes of GFW are not your standard S, M, L or 12, 14, 16, etc. So you do need to take a proper look.

I’m a Alex 7, what do you think?!

Click here to take a look at GFW’s current range of shirts. On a good note, they are also expanding their range to include t-shirts and underwear.

About Gender Free World

GFW - clothing without labels logoGender Free World aka GFW Clothing doesn’t care what gender you are, but does care about your body.

We have 3 different body shapes, and 7 sizes which means our shirts will fit you like no other.

Wear what you like regardless of your gender = gender free!

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