A Star is Born

How to make a baby... a personal experience by Jene

Posted by Planet Nation on 21 April 2013

This is my story of how we (my partner, myself and our baby) got here.

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Choosing a reputable Sperm Donor or Co-parenting Website

Posted by Planet Nation on 17 March 2013

Perhaps inevitably, the World Wide Web now has a role in that most human of accomplishments; procreation. Sperm donor websites are becoming increasingly popular in the UK with many people now searching for a sperm donor or co-parent online.

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Building a happy family

Posted by Planet Nation on 27 September 2012

This week we made the not-so-life-changing decision not to have our own children. To pretty much all of our friends and family, this will be a complete surprise. So how did we get from deciding between a known or unknown donor to help create our family to a life path that does not include having our own children at all?

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Lesbian Parents – What’s in a Name?

Posted by Hannah Revill on 27 May 2012

“So if she’s known as Mummy, what does your daughter call you”? Being two women with a one year old baby, this is a frequent question we are asked. Our answer, which although has had considerable thought thrown at it, is simple in its logic. 

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Starting a Family – Our Journey

Posted by Hannah Revill on 25 May 2012

Whether you’re thinking about starting a family or you’ve started one already and are keen to compare notes, hearing about other couple’s journeys can be a comfort in the minority situation that is lesbian parenting. Here’s how we did it.

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NHS & NICE propose IVF overhaul to give lesbians the right to free fertility treatment

Posted by Planet Nation on 22 May 2012

"Same-sex couples and women aged up to 42 may soon be eligible for IVF treatment, according to new draft guidelines published today. The proposals were issued by the National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and featured prominently in the news, although they also include a range of recommendations not covered by the media." According to the NHS website.

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LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week 2012

Posted by Planet Nation on 13 February 2012

One way to start a family doesn't involve the costs and emotions attached to getting pregnant at all. Many London boroughs pro-actively encourage LGBT families to foster or adopt, and sadly there is never shortage of babies and children who need a new, welcoming, loving family.

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Equality Act 2010 - what it means for lesbian women

Posted by Planet Nation on 06 December 2011

Under the Equality Act 2010 PCT’s would be unable to treat same sex couples any differently to heterosexual couples. It would be unlawful therefore for your local PCT to say a particular treatment was only available for heterosexual couples and not same sex couples or for heterosexual women and not lesbians.

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What's your PCT's policy on NHS fertility treatment?

Posted by Planet Nation on 05 December 2011

Grant Shapps (yes the guy who is now Local Government Minister) did some research when he was an MP in opposition. Using Freedom of Information, he found out what each PCT's policy is on their criteria for NHS fertility treatment.

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The Miraculous Conception

Posted by Planet Nation on 29 October 2011

Well it’s come to that time for us where we are starting to think seriously about having children – we’re not ready to start quite yet, but we are starting to think about the ifs and hows, and are wanting to ensure that we are ready and fully prepared.

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