Lesbians can be portrayed well - Pretty Little Liars on Viva TV

It seems in the last few years lesbians are cropping up just about everywhere, from Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and even a UK-based lesbian drama, Lip Service. We should also make a mention to Glee for giving us hot lesbians who wear cheerleading outfits!

However just because lesbians are becoming more mainstream does not necessarily mean that they are portrayed well, or even that the programme is worth watching. Well hold your breath ladies because have we got a recommendation for you!

If you like light-hearted, fun dramas then there is a fairly new teen drama on television that is well worth a watch. Pretty Little Liars originally aired on MTV (who are currently showing season 2) and is about to start from the beginning on Viva TV from 3 September.

Not only does Pretty Little Liars have a refreshing lesbian storyline, it is one of the most well-written, well-thought out and realistic lesbians with events that will strike a chord with you but also explain a little about how those around you may have felt when you came out as well.

The overall plot is a group of 4 friends who are being blackmailed by their 'dead friend'. It is funny show, full of plot twists and lots of general life-events. As it is set in the last year of school, it is prime 'coming out' age and this enables a wealth of lesbian-friendly storylines that are oh so easy to get wrong, and yet it is quite liberating how well written and pro-lesbians this show is.

From the girl struggling with her new-found sexuality to the school-girl who won't come out but is happy to snog the out girl at school; to the Mum who doesn't understand why her daughter thinks she is gay and is upset and hurt, yet when push comes to shove and there appears to be bullying at school, she surprises even herself by standing up for her daughter's sexuality. They even dared to cover the girl sent away to gay-cure camp after her parents found out she was a pot-smoking lesbian, oh the scandal! All angles are covered in a fair and genuine manner.

Pretty Little Liars trailer: http://uk.viva.tv/shows/pretty-little-liars

Pretty Little Liars season 1 will be airing every day from 3 September on VIVA so set your box to record or buy the DVD from Amazon.