The Lesbian Factor

Well, well, well. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but where else will you get a full on, proud and hot lesbian performance like Lucy Spraggan's Gold Digger on X Factor this week?


It's a real measure of how far we have come in terms of lesbian visibility on prime time television. This is a Saturday night, family, pre-watershed show, not afraid to place lesbians as equal to all the other contestants. No more hiding behind gender ambivalent song choices, neutral dancers or faking heterosexual interests. Instead, we got to see it how it is, and how it should be!

I'm so excited generally that there is significant and diverse lesbian representation in The X Factor finalists this year. Yes, X Factor is my guilty pleasure and takes a lot of criticism, rightly or wrongly. However, what we need to remember for 2012 is the show is an amazingly high profile platform and millions of people are tuning in to see what lesbians have to offer.

Lucy, and not forgetting Jade and Charlie too - we hope you get to do us proud for many weeks to come, we can't wait to see what comes next.