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LLGFF Review Pariah

Posted by Planet Nation on 29 March 2012

This feature originally aired at LLGFF in 2007 as a short. Writer/Director Dee Rees started Pariah as a feature but whilst interning on Spike Lee’s ‘Inside Man’ and writing her master thesis, she took the first act and shot it as a short – so successful it led to the feature being made.

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LLGFF Review Mother Tongue

Posted by Ida Raine on 26 March 2012

Mother Tongue is a bleak film. Told with subtitles the film is humorous in places, but mainly you worry about the characters. While this film errs on the pro-gay side, there isn’t a lot of joy.

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LLGFF Review Cloudburst (capsule review)

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 26 March 2012

Filmed in Canada with quite a sublime backdrop of mountains, lakes and beautiful villages, this is one of the best lesbian films I've seen in some time (with the exception of Kiss Me - another LLGFF film that is also quite amazing) and I highly recommend you catch this feature, either at the festival, or on DVD when it gets released later this year if you can't get tickets.

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Film, film and more film with Fringe!

Posted by Planet Nation on 26 March 2012

No sooner has the BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival ended and we'll all be mourning the loss of the atmosphere of the BFI and the social experience - but fear not because Fringe! is back!

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LLGFF Review Kiss Me (Kyss Mig)

Posted by Editor on 26 March 2012

“And it hurts with every heartbeat”

Kiss Me is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, the kind of film that makes you feel glad to be a lesbian.

Modestly introduced to us by director Alexandre-Therese Keining at the LLGFF, the film sets its tone from the very first frame, opening with its soundtrack that accompanies the film perfectly throughout.

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LLGFF Review Diving In

Posted by Editor on 12 March 2012

Soho Hotel saw the glamorous launch, decorated by nubile bods in banana hammocks and bikinis, of new Film distribution platform Swim Cinema and its flagship first movie, the documentary Revealing Mr Maugham which premiers at the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival this week.  

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LLGFF - more than just films!

Posted by Editor on 09 March 2012

It's one of our favourite times of the year for many reasons: we love films; we love films with gay characters; we love high lesbian and gay visibility in London; and we love the atmosphere that comes with the annual BFI's London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on the Southbank.

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Topp Twins Untouchable Girls

Posted by Victoria Broom on 22 February 2012

This film follows the lives of two Country Singing, comedy lesbian twins, whose closeness and free spirited approach to life is something to be admired.

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Make a Wish Movie Review

Posted by Planet Nation on 20 December 2011

The plot is based around 6 lesbians camping in the woods for Susan's (Moynan King) birthday. 4 of which are her ex-girlfriends (sounds like a night in Candy Bar). Throughout the film, Susan's ex lovers get killed off individually. Yet the funny thing is no one seems to notice their friends don’t come back. Reason being, they are too busy getting it on with one another (like another night in Candy Bar).

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But I'm a Cheerleader Movie Review

Posted by Planet Nation on 08 November 2011

With an all-star cast and a DVD cover full of American Cheerleaders. How could I not succumb to watching BUT IM A CHEERLEADER?!...And, I am glad to report, it’s a funny little film.

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Puccini for Beginners Movie Review

Posted by Victoria Broom on 24 October 2011

The Plot focusses around three main characters... ALLEGRA who is played by Elizabeth Reaser, GRACE played by Gretchen Mol and the oh so annoying PHILLIP who is played by Justin Kirk.

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D.E.B.S Movie Review

Posted by Planet Nation on 17 October 2011

This film is a fun rom com with a happy ending.  Its great if you want a night in with your mates or if your gf is over and you’re not planning on concentrating on the storyline ;)

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The Madness of Sister George (film)

Posted by Caz Maughn on 30 April 2011

A quote from Beryl Reid herself when trying to sum up ‘The Killing of Sister George’.  I couldn’t agree more.  It is often described as a comedy and yet I find the film both harrowing and sad.  There are lines to make you laugh - Beryl Reid is given the best ones and plays them perfectly -   but a comfortable watch this is not as we take a journey with these characters through power, loss, change and desire. 

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Desert Hearts - string of lights

Posted by Caz Maughn on 18 April 2011

It isn’t about the glitz and the glam, there are no funky hairdos (well…), no swearing, drugs.  It is a love story.  Pure and simple.  And as a love story, it still works. And anyone who believes in wanting a string of lights around their heart will absolutely bask in its brilliance. 

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