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The Duke of Burgundy Film Review

Posted by Christabel on 03 March 2015

The Duke of Burgundy is a dark melodrama from Peter Strickland, the multi-award winning writer and director of Berberian Sound Studio and Katalin Varga.

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Is this 'Appropriate Behaviour'?

Posted by Editor on 15 February 2015

A break up movie with difference, told with on point narrative form and a blazing Independent spirt, this movie is about the journey to post-break up redemption.

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Life in Colors... new LGBT filmmaking from the UK

Posted by Planet Nation on 27 January 2015

Life in Colors is a a poetic love story during a time when homosexuality in Britain was illegal

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Nicole Conn on Nesting Doll

Posted by Editor on 14 December 2014

Rather than being an exploration of one woman’s coming to terms with her sexual identity Claire of the Moon, Elena Undone, or the discovery of how powerful passion can redeem one’s life as portrayed by Rebecca in A Perfect Ending, Nesting Doll is beyond the focus of being gay.

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Brace Yourself

Posted by Editor on 06 December 2014

Jake Graf and Alicya Eyo's short film Brace is an ultra modern trans* tale of love and acceptance; an exploration of self-acceptance and transition.

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Post-Mob Film "Once Upon a Time in Queens" Explores the Power of Vulnerability

Posted by Emelina Minero on 04 December 2014

Once Upon A Time In Queens will be different from any mob film you've seen. Yes, you can expect some violence, some suspense and some male peacocking, but if that's all you're looking for in a film, then this isn't the film for you. 

The truth of this film is a story about familial and platonic love, and how allowing vulnerability sets that love free. 

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Nesting Doll - Q&A with Alexandra Adomaitis

Posted by Editor on 30 November 2014

As Nicole Conn's next project Nesting Doll gets underway, we take time to catch up with writer and lead actor Alex Adomaitis, who reveals some behind the scenes juice!

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Creating Love is All You Need

Posted by Planet Nation on 30 November 2014

LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED? the feature is based off the award winning, viral short.

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Exclusive Video Interview with Shauna MacDonald from Tru Love

Posted by Planet Nation on 12 November 2014

Tru Love is an exploration of female empowerment and proves you can find happiness at any stage of life.

Alice, an elegant woman visits her uptight daughter, Suzanne in frosty Toronto. Suzanne, too busy to spend time with her mother asks best friend Tru to ‘babysit’ Alice and show her around the city.

The pair instantly connect, understanding each other’s loneliness. In one another, they find a soul mate. Disturbed by their closeness, Suzanne does everything within her power to keep Tru away from her mother, but nothing can beat true love.

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A history lesson with Pride: never forget our past

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 22 September 2014

It's Summer 1984, Margaret Thatcher is in power, and the National Union of Mineworkers are on strike! At the Gay Pride March in London, a group of gay and lesbian activists decides to raise money to support the families of the striking miners. But the only problem is the Union seems too embarrassed to receive their support.
Not discouraged, the activists ignore the Union and go direct to the miners. They identify a small mining village in Wales to make their donations to the community in person. This journey begins a surprising partnership between two seemingly alien communities as they fight for the same cause.

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Wotever DIY Film Festival 2014

Posted by Editor on 07 September 2014

Planet London was very proud to media partner and support the Wotever DIY Film Festival for independent Queer film makers.

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Is anyone... Afraid of Vagina Wolf? New release starring Guinevere Turner (dir Anna Margarita Albelo)

Posted by Editor on 01 September 2014

Anna is a charismatic but struggling filmmaker facing a midlife crisis, having turned 40, she lives in her friend's garage in L.A., dances in a vagina costume for money, and has neither job nor girlfriend. Just when she's about to give up on both, she meets sexy post-feminist, Katia.

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Wotever DIY Film Festival Arrives

Posted by Planet Nation on 05 August 2014

The Wotever DIY Film Festival is a celebration of queer lo-fi filmmaking in all its handmade genius. It's our third year and we are bigger than ever, with dozens of films, talks and events from established directors to first time newbies - proving you don't need a million pounds to make a great film. 

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Anatomy of a Love Seen (dir. Marina Rice-Bader US 2014) - Digital Worldwide release following OutFest Premier

Posted by Planet Nation on 15 July 2014

Following in the footsteps of filmmakers the likes of Joss Whedon who has taken on self-distribution, Bader isn’t the first filmmaker to the direct-distribution game; but she is one of the first ever out filmmakers to offer LGBT audiences around the world and cinephiles alike a lesbian themed feature film as a low-cost digital release immediately after its first festival premiere. 

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Girls on Film: The First Date short film collection

Posted by Editor on 07 July 2014

Nine short stories from all over the world (including the UK) come together to create a smorgasbord of LBQ content with something for every taste. 

Often hot & sweaty, and sensual in every way, a little bit of the mosaic of every day lesbian life is well and truly explored across these individual tales.

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When "Love is All You Need?"

Posted by Planet Nation on 12 May 2014

In the wake of the phenomenal success surrounding the viral short film “Love Is All You Need?”, Writer/Director K. Rocco Shields CEO, Genius Pictures and producer Melke Pty Ltd have partnered with the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and 501c3 organisaton From The Heart Productions to launch an Indie Gogo campaign to raise funds for the feature film of the same name. 

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Concussion dir. Stacie Passon (US)

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 11 May 2014

This modern-day twist on BELLE DE JOUR is a sexy, provocative story about a woman who turns her fantasy life into reality – and then faces the consequences. When wealthy 40-something Abby (Weigert, Deadwood) is hit in the head by her son’s baseball, she begins to yearn for something more than her banal suburban life. She buys a pied-à-terre in Manhattan, and her pent-up libido draws her into a double life as a high-class hooker for female clients. But as Abby’s decisions become increasingly reckless, we realise that she won’t be able to keep her secret for long. Writer-director Passon’s accomplished debut features breakout performances by Weigert and Siff (Mad Men), and its mix of sensuality and poignancy will ignite a conversation about sexual discovery as a means of finding your true self.

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Supporting LGBT film making: Cat Skin Q&A

Posted by Editor on 07 May 2014

Cat Skin, a new UK based lesbian coming of age feature film, is now in production, and we caught up with the leads, Jodie Hirst and Faye Sewell after their first shoot.

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Reaching for the Moon (dir. Bruno Barreto; Brazil)

Posted by Planet Nation on 27 April 2014

Set at the height of 1950s glamour, this audience award winning drama recounts the extraordinary relationship between Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Elizabeth Bishop (played by Miranda Otto, Lord of the Rings) and Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares (the beautifully handsome Gloria Pires). 

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Becoming 'Cat Skin'

Posted by Planet Nation on 21 April 2014

Cat Skin is a new LBQ film currently in production and raising funds for production costs. It began life as a short, which was released in 2009. 

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