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New VOD Platform for LGBT films on Film Doo

Posted by Planet Nation on 02 June 2015

FilmDoo unveils raft of LGBT film pickups available to view on its platform, signs with TLA Releasing. Plans to be go-to place for Queer Cinema.

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Life in Colors

Posted by Planet Nation on 01 June 2015

'Life in Colors' follows a few brief moments in the lives of two women from the United Kingdom in the 1940's, it takes us on a journey of their passion, love and desire to be together in a world that is against that love. 

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Interview with The Falling star Florence Pugh

Posted by Christabel on 25 April 2015

Florence Pugh is as eloquent as she is lovely. After debuting in Carol Morley’s The Falling and making a splash at this year’s BFI Flare, I caught up with the starlet to talk puberty and ambiguous relationships.

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BFI Flare: Yazy's Top Three

Posted by Eve Hartley on 24 March 2015

Planet London's Yazy Tauk introduces us to BFI Flare LGBT Film Festival and rounds up the first few days of Lesbian, Queer and Bisexual cinema. Filmed and Edited by Eve Hartley.

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BFI Flare Film Review: When Fragile Things Break

Posted by Yazy Tauk on 22 March 2015

It's always difficult to leave the person you love, but when do you turn around and say enough is enough? 

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BFI Flare Film Review: Of Girls and Horses

Posted by Yazy Tauk on 22 March 2015

German writer and director, Monika Truet takes us on a compelling and engaging story in her new film Of Girls and Horses, set in the beautiful German countryside we explore the excitement in the development of friendship, trust and journey.

A well-deserved round of applause to Truet for encapsulating a simply stunning coming-of-age story. 

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BFI Flare Film Review: Atlántida

Posted by Eve Hartley on 22 March 2015

Atlántida is a stunning introduction to 1987’s Argentina. Writer Ines María Barrionuevo cleverly weaves the story with the time frame – introducing the setting of severe droughts, farming crises and financial poverty. 

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Bombshell Film Review

Posted by Delilahisabella on 20 March 2015

A ten year-old tomboy must weigh her loyalty to her trusted older brother as she becomes complicit in a hate crime to win his affection.

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British Council makes Flare LGBT Films Available in more than 50 Countries

Posted by Planet Nation on 18 March 2015

FiveFilms4Freedom is the world’s first digital, global, LGBT film festival

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The Falling Film Review

Posted by Christabel on 17 March 2015

It’s 1969 at a strict English girls’ school where charismatic Abbie and intense and troubled Lydia are best friends. After a tragedy occurs at the school, a mysterious fainting epidemic breaks out threatening the stability of all involved. The authorities claim that there is nothing seriously wrong, but Lydia refuses to accept this, and in seeking the truth, discovers a long buried secret.

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Boy Meets Girl interview with Michelle Hendley

Posted by Madgey on 14 March 2015

We caught up with the lead actress, Michelle Hendley from Boy Meets Girl and here’s what she had to share with us...

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Boy Meets Girl Interview with Eric Schaeffer (writer, director & producer)

Posted by Madgey on 14 March 2015

We caught up with the writer/director, Eric Schaeffer from Boy Meets Girl and here’s what he had to share with us...

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Behind Bars with the stars of 'Kittens in a Cage'

Posted by Editor on 12 March 2015

An interview with Kittens on a Cage Writer/Director Jillian Armenante and star Rebecca Mozo (Junie) 

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'Zoe.Misplaced' - interview with the filmmakers

Posted by Christabel on 12 March 2015

If you haven’t heard of Zoe.Misplaced yet, you soon will. For this Australian drama is picking up quite a name for itself as one of country’s foremost lesbian indie films. Not least of all for the achievement in shooting this feature on a budget of $8,000AUS.

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Portrait of a Serial Monogamist Review

Posted by CoraShaye on 09 March 2015

A forty-something lesbian, and accomplished breakup artist, leaves her long-standing girlfriend to pursue a younger woman, but did she make a mistake?

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Boy Meets Girl Film Review

Posted by Madgey on 08 March 2015

Set in Kentucky, Boy Meets Girl follows the life of a young transgender woman called Ricky and the best friend she grew up with.

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Girl Trash: All Night Long Film Review

Posted by Emmalie on 08 March 2015

‘Girltrash: All Night Long’ is the story of 5 girls and one of the craziest nights of their lives. Daisy (Lisa Rieffel) finally gets a shot at Band Slam on the same night as her sister Colby (Gabrielle Christian) comes out as gay. 

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But I'm A Cheerleader (1999)

Posted by Eve Hartley on 07 March 2015

Jamie Babbit’s 1999 cult classic But I’m A Cheerleader is an alternative coming of age film. But I’m A Cheerleader cleverly uses placed irony and humour tell the story of Megan (Natasha Lyonne), a sexually confused middle-class teenager who has been forced into ‘true directions’ to fix her homosexuality by her Christian parents and peers.

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Boys Don't Cry (1999)

Posted by Eve Hartley on 06 March 2015

Kimberly Peirce’s emotionally powerful debut, Boys Don’t Cry is the tragic retelling of Brandon Teena’s life story.

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Film Review - Zoe.Misplaced

Posted by Sarah Lavender on 05 March 2015

First time writer/director/producer Mekelle Mills tackles the all too familiar topic of lesbian dating drama in this ultra-low budget indie film from Australia.  Zoe (Hannah Raven Smith) is a young inner city hipster, university student and happily single lesbian.  Her regimented life is thrown into upheaval when she unexpected falls in love with her housemate’s ex-girlfriend Nat (Clementine Mills). 

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