Review of Wishin' and Hopin' and interview with the director

Wishin' and Hopin' is a short in the Hearts segment of BFI Flare 2018 and is screening as part of 'Sometimes You Get What You Need'.

This short film was made as part of Lucy Hawkins' final piece of work at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London where Jacqueline Pepall freelances.

Martine Brown

It was made for a very tiny budget, which when you see the quality, and also the fact that it features relatively well-known actress Martine Brown (of Hollyoaks) makes the quality even more impressive.

The camera work was seamless with some beautiful shots, and the use of the mirror created a seemingly endless image of beauty. The script was clever, clean and I'm sure will resonate with most.

All of the actors (with the exception of Martine) were colleagues of Lucy's.

Interview with Jacqueline Pepall

We had a short chat with Jacqueline at BFI Flare.

It is interesting to hear how Jacqueline likes to make films that focus on unlikely heroes and based on this, it comes as no surprise that this project came from having assisted in filming a showreel for Lucy and seeing the talented actor on the screen and wanting to help. 

The short was filmed on set in an open bathroom in The Marriott in Swiss Cottage, so there were challenges around guests of the hotel coming in and out - but thankfully it was a quiet day! Despite a small set, with huge mirrors on opposite walls, we shared our delight that the cinematography was clean, crisp and stunning. Jacqueline shared how the purpose was to showcase Lucy's talent, and we complimented her on the balance as she had done an amazing job of this, whilst also showcasing her talent as a director.

Jacqueline's next project starts on Tuesday. She will be teaching a film course through The Hospital Club for refugees and asylum seekers.

She shared with us her love of period films, something that isn't exactly thought of when you think of her home country of Canada - which I guess is why she is in the UK. She would like to make more feminist period films that are more contemporary and show how women back then were actually quite like today; something along the lines of Lady Macbeth, that show humanity. We will definitely keep an eye out for the next project!

Lucy Hawkins in "Wishin' and Hopin'"

Wishin' and Hopin' will be showing before BECKS (another awesome film showing at the 2018 BFI Flare festival) in Every Man cinemas around the UK as part of the BFI Flare on tour.


A bridesmaid takes refuge in the ladies bathroom during her best friend's wedding. Forever the bridesmaid but never the bride, Kate is finally ready to move on from her unrequited love.

9 mins, UK 2017

  • Written by Jacqueline Pepall and John Owen Theobald 
  • Produced by Lucy Hawkins and Rebecca Gaines
  • Starring Lucy Hawkins

Jacqueline Pepall - director

About Jacqueline Pepall

Jacqueline Pepall is an award-winning director for film and television. Her recent credits include the short film Visiting Mr Keats (Best Short, NYC Indie Film Awards 2016, Best Comedy, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2016), the television series, Then Dance (Sky Arts /Arts Council England 2014-2016, British National Lottery Award nominee, Best Use of Public Funds). Jacqueline runs the independent production company Great Lake Films.

Jacqueline Pepall on IMDB:

Great Lake Films Production Company:

Lucy Hawkins, star of Wishin' and Hopin'About Lucy Hawkins

Lucy is a recent graduate of Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Wishin' and Hopin' was created as her final production. Lucy caught the eye of Jacqueline when they were producing her showreel at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She co-produced and starred in Wishin' and Hopin' alongside well-known actor Martine XX.


American-East Coast, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Australian, Central Scottish, English-Standard, French, Heightened RP, Highlands, Irish RP, London, New Zealand, RP*, Russian, Scandinavian


Boxing, Gymnastics, Horse-jumping, Horse-riding*, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, Pilates, Shooting, Yoga, Guitar


You can see Wishin' and Hopin' at BFI Flare on Saturday 31 March, 12:00 in the Studio as part of 'Sometimes You Get What You Need'.


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