Review of The List by Jillian Armenante

The List has a great premise. The List referred to is the one we all have of exceptional people we’re allowed to have a one-time sexual encounter with even though we are in a steady relationship.

Chloe (Lindsay Hicks), the main character is in a fairly rubbish hetero relationship with an unevolved, immature guy. The other man in her life is her gay best friend, Mike (Josh Biton) who is hilarious and supportive but in a firm, brotherly way.

Mike is instrumental in engineering the moment that then opens up new possibilities for Chloe with some serendipitous help. On a career-making catering job, Chloe gets the chance to share a very brief moment of magic when she gets to snog one of her List people.

The List

This results in everything being thrown into question with some hilarious results - like her boyfriend’s very public meltdown whilst they are catering for a baby shower event.

Chloe then has a one night drunken hook up with her lesbian friend and colleague J, (Tracy Ryerson) which seems to confirm Chloe is gay. Refreshingly, the sex scene is filmed beautifully and tenderly without being overly schmaltzy or tacky and is actually sexy.

This lesbian-written (Kelleen Conway Blanchard) and directed (Jillian Armenante) film is punchy, warm and humorous with several laugh out loud moments. LGBTQ films so often can have painful, negative outcomes that sadly, I’m often half expecting this to be the case. I was delighted to find that is not the case in this engaging, beautifully-paced film - it runs for 46 minutes, perfect for a busy person’s evening entertainment.

The film is shot beautifully with stunning cinematography and though on a tight budget, it is not apparent to the viewer.

It has a stellar cast including Hollywood pro Saffron Burrows and Planet Nation favourite Tracy Ryerson who we were glad to see back on our screens!

I highly recommend this delightful film for a storyline delivered in a pacy, humorous way  and positive, uplifting outcome. A total delight.

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The ListSynopsis

Everybody’s got a list. You know. THE LIST. The one where even though you are in a great relationship (Well, I mean it’s all right. It’s not all fireworks and love songs but you both love pizza rolls and that’s something) even though you’re in this pretty good relationship, you get to have a little side love if that lover is on the list. It’s a joke game.

What’re your chances of meeting Ruby Rose anyway? Much less meeting Ruby Rose and getting lucky? Real slim. Impossible, even. Somehow the impossible happens to Chloe. Good girl Chloe with the okay relationship and the wise wise cracking best pal and the almost successful catering company. Chloe has her list wish granted when her celebrity crush kisses her at her career making catering gig. It’s a kiss that upends everything. Her ho hum relationship implodes, her career careens, and most importantly, she comes face to face with her true self.

Is she in love with her pal J? Is she gay? The drunken post karoke hook up sure seems to point her that way. But, Chloe isn’t ready and J isn’t gonna be anybody’s gay training wheels no matter how fun the ride. And Chloe’s sad sack ex is complicating everything. What’s a girl that’s been so far in the closet she thought the world was all walls gonna do when she opens the door? Fall in love and live happily ever after? Yeah. After some stumbling and humbling. Yes. Because, love is messy and hard but it’s real. And a real love is so much better than a dreamed up list

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