Interview with Jazmine aka Sarah in The Date

The Date is a lesbian short, set in London that is in production in 2018. It is currently running a crowdfunding campaign where you can get some awesome perks, and find out more about the project.

We got to chat to Jazmine, who plays Sarah to find out a bit more!

What about The Date made you want to get involved? 

Dating is something we can all relate to and because of all the apps we now have access too, such as Tinder, online dating is very popular. So it was nice to work on a film which would be very relatable to a lot of ages. I also really liked the  fact it uses a same sex relationship at the heart of the story and focuses purely on the love they feel rather than their sexuality.

Are you like Sarah in any way? 

There are definitely some similarities. Just like Sarah I’m probably on the more clueless side of how online dating works. I prefer meeting people in real life rather than using apps however I have had friends convince me to give them a go however if something was to come from it such as a date I think I might share Sarah’s nerves. (I also very much enjoy chilling in my pyjamas.)

Why is a short film like The Date important to you?

hese days everyone seems to be on dating apps but along with that there tends to be a lot more horror stories than success so it was nice to do a short film that showed a positive side to online dating. There are of course success stories but not everyone wants to say they met on a dating site so ‘The Date’ is also showing the reality of how a lot of couples meet today.

If you could star alongside any other queer actress, who would it be and why?

’d love to work with Ellen DeGeneres.

What is your favourite lesbian movie?

t’s cliché but I do love Rent.

Snog, Marry, Date: Ruby Rose, Kate McKinnon, Ellen DeGeneres

Snog – Kate McKinnon, Marry – Ellen DeGeneres, Date – Ruby Rose

How would you describe Sarah? 

Sarah has a big heart. She’s comfortable with who she is but I think she likes to pretend she’s got it all figured out but deep down is a worrier. Once you get to know her she’s a very chilled out person who doesn’t mind letting her quirkiness show.

What are Sarah's five favourite things?

Pyjama days, puppies, movie marathons, partying and being cheeky.

What kind of woman does Sarah normally go for?

Someone fun who she can be herself around. Someone who doesn’t mind going with the flow and who can keep up with her 100 miles an hour ideas.

What apps is Sarah on to find ms right?

Tinder and happn

What would be Sarah's perfect date?

Chilled dinner and a movie or possibly a club depending how well they got on. Shes quite spontaneous.

Sarah in The Date

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