Interview with Hansof Waller - co-writer of The Date

The Date is a lesbian short, set in London that is in production in 2018. It is currently running a crowdfunding campaign where you can get some awesome perks, and find out more about the project.

We got to chat to Hansof Waller, co-writer and behind the scenes to find out a bit more!

At what point did you come on board, and how did you collaborate on the writing?

Me and Emma have wanted to make a positive lesbian film for a few years since we last worked together. She came up with the original idea and we worked back and forth adding and changing bits. 

What made you want to produce The Date?

I have produced a few things though I mainly do photography but I wanted to make the best film possible for the LGBT community, being LGBT myself and growing up where we either get killed, cheated on or end up with a man.  We deserve better. 

How many locations do you have for The Date, and was finding them difficult?

We have three main locations: a restaurant, a club and a house. Me, Emma and another producer worked together for find the most suitable places and ended up with amazing locations like She Bar in Soho. 

Producing a lesbian short film, what have been your top 3 challenges so far? 

I think producing films in general are hard, especially if you don't have a big budget. Producing a lesbian short film was extra hard because we felt responsible for the LGBT community and making something they could enjoy and where no one dies. 

What are your top 3 lesbian movies to date?

It’s not a movie but my all time favourite lesbian storyline is the South American telenovela Las Estrellas couple Florencia Estrella and Jazmín del Río (Flozmin) 

I also love the classic Imagine Me and You and I can’t think straight.

Did you intentionally set out to have an all-female cast and crew?

I tried very hard to find female cast and crew, we didn't know if it would work out that way but I am very glad it did. It was a completely different but amazing atmosphere. 

More about Hansof

Twitter: @hansoffff 

Instagram: @hansofvisionz 


More about The Date

"The Date" will be one of the most uplifting lesbian films you’ll see in a while​. We're tired of seeing our characters killed off or left unhappy and unfulfilled. We deserve better. So we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands and create a story that inspires people. We deserve better.

“The Date” is the story of two women looking for love in the dating world of the 21st century.

Lizzy and Olivia might be total opposites when it comes to careers and dress sense BUT they do have one thing in common... they both swiped 'right' on each other. After swiping right, the two hit it off almost immediately but there’s still one thing left to do…meet.

In this day and age where meeting new people happens mostly online, we wanted to write a story about the good relationships that come from online dating. 

Our aim is to also have real interviews at the end, with couples who have met on dating apps and are the happiest they've ever been. 

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