Interview with Emmalie - co-writer and director of The Date

The Date is a lesbian short, set in London that is in production in 2018. It is currently running a crowdfunding campaign where you can get some awesome perks, and find out more about the project.

We got to chat to Emmelie El Fadli, co-writer and behind the scenes to find out a bit more!

Why did you write this story?

Hansof and I wrote this story because we had the urge to make Lesbian films and were tired of not seeing our happy love stories represented in Media. 

How did the story of The Date evolve?

A few years ago Hansof and I talked about making a short film, and we brainstormed loads of different ideas, but when I found love online, something that was concrete and lasted, I wanted to show people that online dating isn’t as scary as people think it is and something really great can come out of it, especially in this day and age. Ontop of that, being a lesbian, I thought ‘we need to make this the most positive story because positive stories exist and they need to be portrayed’.

At what point did Hansof Waller come on board and how did you collaborate on the writing?

She came on board at the same time as me. This was always a collaborative project. 

Did you write The Date knowing it would become a short film?

Yes, we always wrote “The Date” as a short film 

Did you draw from any personal experiences when writing The Date?

Yes definitely. As I said above, I’d found love from tinder and I really wanted to write about that because I never see those happy stories in the media. Dating apps are always portrayed to be for casual hookups only. 

What are your top 3 lesbian movies to date?

Princess Cyd is my all time favourite right now. Then we have Imagine Me and You and lastly Bloomington (it’s just an all around sexy film, even though there’s some shitty things that happen throughout)

If you were to develop this into a feature film, and could pick any queer actors, who would you approach and why for Olivia, Lizzy and Sarah?

I would love Olivia to be played by Ellen Page (my all time favourite actress) but I can’t really picture anyone else for the other characters 

Did you have any famous queer women in mind as inspiration when writing The Date?

No I didn’t actually! 

Was it easy to write a story with a happy ending?

It was actually really difficult because we didn’t want to make it cheesy! Getting this film to feel natural was the hardest part, but we have amazing actors who really helped make this happen. 

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Anything else LGBT-related in the pipeline? All the stuff I wrote is gay haha so most definitely