Interview with Claire aka Olivia in The Date

The Date is a lesbian short, set in London that is in production in 2018. It is currently running a crowdfunding campaign where you can get some awesome perks, and find out more about the project.

We got to chat to Claire, who plays Olivia to find out a bit more!

What about The Date made you want to get involved? 

The film had an honesty and optimism to it that I really enjoyed. 

Are you like Olivia in any way? 

I think I'm quite assertive, like Olivia! I'm outgoing and not afraid to throw myself at things and fail.

Why is a short film like The Date important to you?

Short films are such a difficult medium to get right, They require really tight and succinct story telling and to really make an impact is hard. A short film like The Date distills some big feelings and, all being well, leaves the viewer with a sense of hope

If you could star alongside any other queer actress, who would it be and why?

I'm not a queer actress, but I would absolutely love to work with Fiona Shaw. She is an astonishing actor.

What is your favourite lesbian movie?

I thought Blue is the Warmest Colour was an unbelievable film. The performances were breathtaking.

Snog, Marry, Date: Ruby Rose, Kate McKinnon, Ellen DeGeneres

Snog - Ruby Rose, Date - Kate McKinnon, Marry - Ellen DeGeneres

How would you describe Olivia? 

Confident, assertive, bright, charming.

What are Olivia’s five favourite things?

Friends, travelling, family, surfing, films.

What kind of woman does Olivia normally go for?

Clever and slightly unusual. Perhaps a bit eccentric.

What apps is Olivia on to find ms right?

She doesn't love Apps!

What would be Olivia’s perfect date?

The perfect date would be dinner and dancing the night away and then watching the sun come up from the roof of a building or walking by the river/canal in London

Olivia and Lizzy in the Date

More about Claire

Twitter: @claire_cart

Instagram: claire.s.cartwright

More about The Date

"The Date" will be one of the most uplifting lesbian films you’ll see in a while​. We're tired of seeing our characters killed off or left unhappy and unfulfilled. We deserve better. So we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands and create a story that inspires people. We deserve better.

“The Date” is the story of two women looking for love in the dating world of the 21st century.

Lizzy and Olivia might be total opposites when it comes to careers and dress sense BUT they do have one thing in common... they both swiped 'right' on each other. After swiping right, the two hit it off almost immediately but there’s still one thing left to do…meet.

In this day and age where meeting new people happens mostly online, we wanted to write a story about the good relationships that come from online dating. 

Our aim is to also have real interviews at the end, with couples who have met on dating apps and are the happiest they've ever been. 

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