Fringe! review of Suited

The screening of Suited at Fringe! Film Festival was accompanied by The Drakes who helped seat everyone and had a discussion afterwards. Planeteer Petit Temps went along and reviewed it:

This documentary was shown as the closing show for Fringe! LGBT Film festival 2016. 


After an introduction of the film by the organizers; the DRAKES-all dressed in sharp suits-came on stage to read some quotes from diverse group of queer individuals about what their suits mean to them. Expressing how it empowers them, shields them, makes them feel confident and sexy. This was a perfect intro to the movie ‘Suited’.

Fringe! Suited screenshotIt all starts when Rae, a trans MTF, ordered their first ever custom suit. The way that perfectly fitted suit made them feel was definitely a first and they wanted to share that joy with others in the community. They decided to approach the tailor with the idea of making custom suits for anyone who is living beyond the gender binaries. Bindle & Keep tailors are now located in Brooklyn and the audience get some insight into their customer’s stories through this piece.

Like any documentary following individual queer stories, we get to see the various struggles and barriers each person has had to overcome to get to the stage where they felt comfortable and deserving of a nicely fitted suit. From a Trans women planning to take a Trans rights issue to the US Court of Appeals, to a 12 year old Trans boy for his bar-mitzvah. Lena Dunham is the producer of this HBO documentary, where her sister Grace is also a customer, describing herself as neither male or female.

The film ends with the participants presenting a variety of their work, modelled by a diverse group of individuals, in a Fashion Show which was a great way to wrap up their story in the documentary. All in all, this was an entertaining way to wrap up Fringe! Queer film and arts film festival 2016.

Film Synopsis

Dir Jason Benjamin / USA 2016 / 77min

Suited panel at Fringe!Bindle & Keep tailors in NYC do so much more than make custom suits - they provide a welcoming space and armour of confidence for a diverse queer community living  beyond the gender binary. These are their stories. 

Going deeper than fine fabrics and silk linings, Suited takes a modern, evolved look at gender through the conduit of clothing and elucidates the private and emotional experience surrounding it. With heart and optimism, the film documents a cultural shift that is creating a new demand—and response—for each person’s right to go out into the world with confidence.

The film ends with a heroic, celebratory fashion show, and we hope you’ll join Fringe! on their closing night suited out in your spiffiest duds. 


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About The Drakes

The Drakes is a group of butches, transmen and gender rebels who joined together in the spirit of masculine solidarity in early 2012.
Their aims are to promote female masculinity and butch pride. 
They are involved in a number of creative projects.
And sometimes they wear suits. 

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