Film Review of Montana at BFI Flare

TRIGGER WARNING: Implied abuse (not shown)

Montana is a beautiful film set in Israel which opens with Efi returning to her home town following the death of her Grandfather. Immediately we find out that Efi has returned alone, her Mother has not joined her, and is keen for Efi to leave as soon as possible.

It features a strong lead who is independent and confident, yet also hesitant about inserting herself into a world to which she no longer belongs. The writing really shows the strength of community in Israel, and also how power plays out within those communities.


The acting from newcomer Noa Biron as Efi is definitely key to this film's success in addition to the great script. She is so believable in the role and really draws you into the story.

This is a refreshing step away from standard lesbian films, yes there is a romantic involvement, but it is a sub-plot to the core story, and I would say this is more of a mystery film as Efi realises that this small home town hasn't changed much since she left, and that history may well be repeating itself - but how can she be sure without sticking around and getting more involved with the community and her extended family?

Montana Synopsis

5 star film review of Montana on Planet NationA young woman returns to her hometown following the death of her grandfather, and begins an affair with a married teacher in the debut feature from Israeli filmmaker Limor Shmila. Powerful and intimate, she must confront secrets of her past as she tours the town of her youth.

Written & Directed by Limor Shmila
Edited by Dafi Farbman
Cinematography by Eitan Hatuka
Produced by UCM

Montana Trailer


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