Boy Meets Girl interview with Michelle Hendley

We caught up with the lead actress, Michelle Hendley from Boy Meets Girl and here’s what she had to share with us…

Madge (M): Have you ever played a trans role before? 

Michelle Hendley (MH): No, and in fact, I've never acted prior to BMG!

M: What do you think of the representation and portrayal of trans characters in the media? 

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MH: I think there is a lot of great media attention coming to the transgender community as of late. We are seeing more and more trans characters and conversations about gender on TV and in movies, and it's all really amazing. However, while cisgender actors are getting trans roles, there is still a lot of work to be done.

M: When you're not being an amazing actress, you work in a salon. What is the response you get from customers? Are you as open as Ricky about being trans in real life? 

MH: I do work as a hairstylist - and a pizza delivery girl, believe it or not. I have not run into any issues with clients or customers when it comes to my gender identity. I don't really bring it up, and I don't think most people know I'm trans from their brief interactions with me. I'm certainly not ashamed of being a trans woman by any means though, and am always open for conversation should the subject come around.

M: Did you or any of the other actors struggle with maintaining a Kentucky accent/southern drawl all the way through the film? 

Michelle HendleyMH: Actually, we all had a lot of fun talking to each other off camera in our southern country best! So it became natural before too long. The biggest problem was figuring out what dialect of Southern American we wanted to portray. Eventually we were content with our individual interpretations of the accent.

M: Did you have fun making the film? Was it an emotional experience?  

MH: Yes and yes! It was kind of life changing for me. I've never acted before, but I discovered a newfound passion for the art by the end of filming. Being a trans woman with the opportunity to play a trans role was a treat in itself. When it came to some of the heavier emotional scenes of the film I had to reach deep into some dark places of myself. It was liberating, terrifying, and kind of spiritual to put myself out there like that. Overall, I feel sharing some of the realities of being a trans person will help to educate audiences, and spread awareness when it comes to trans issues.

M: Will you stay in touch with other members of the cast? 

MH: All of us have kept in touch since wrapping up BMG. Alex [who plays Francesca] is a good friend of mine now, and I try to say 'hey' to the boys every now and again. Social media is my best friend, ha-ha.

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