BFI Flare Review of Shorts

BFI Flare operates its festival under three strands; mind, body and heart. Each strand contains a number of features and shorts.

In the Hearts segment this year are two sets of shorts for women:

1. You Can't Always Get What You Want

  • Maguerite (19 mins, directed by Marianne Farley, Canada 2017)
  • Three Centimetres (9 mins, directed by Lara Zeidan, Lebanon 2017)
  • Y (23 mins, directed by Gina Wenzel, Germany 2017)
  • Charlie (7 mins, directed by Lesley Johnson, Canada 2018)
  • Mine is Yours (13 mins, directed by Sam Coyle, Canada 2017)

You Can't Always Get What You Want - Hearts Shorts at BFI Flare 2018

2. Sometimes You Get What you Need

  • Voilet and June (6 mins, directed by Linnea Ritland, Canada 2017
  • Elena (23 mins, directed by Ayerim Villanueva, Spain 2017)
  • Mai (7 mins, directed by Marta Gonzalex, Spain 2017)
  • Bicultural (15 mins, directed by Rachel Leyco, USA 2016)
  • Three (3 mins, directed by Fabia Castro, SPain 2017)
  • Wishin' and Hopin' (9 mins, directed by Jacqueline Pepall, UK 2017)
  • Our Second First Date (12 mins, directed by Emi Schaufeld, USA 2016)

BFI Flare Hearts Shorts - Sometimes You Get What You Need

Shot from Charlie, a short at BFI Flare

Review of Charlie


Blurred Lines of friendship and an easy intimacy make Sasha think best friend Charlie is the one.

Charlie is a short film about two teenage friends doing everyday teenage things - sending videos with snapchat filters, reading excerpts from cheesy romance novels and laughing and joking at their part time job.

Laughing, playing, tickling.. I'm sure we've all had that moment when one of you are messing about with a friend and you get close, and it feels more than just like friends.

That moment when you realise things will never be the same again, when you fall for your best friend and you know you can never tell them because they will never be more than friends.

This is an amazing short. Really good quality filming and beautiful cinematography. A beautiful story that everyone will understand.

Three Centimetres screenshotReview of Three Centimetres

Three Centimetres is a short film that features four friends at a fairground in Lebanon. Three friends were talking about exactly how far in you can be penetrated without it classing as sex - exactly three centimetres apparently. Clearly they are very comfortable talking about sex as a group, and when joined by Manal they laugh as they board the ferris wheel.

A couple of the friends are trying to help get over an ex; one suggesting that he be thought of as gay, which makes Manal visibly uncomfortable. Unable to hide her discomfort, and wanting her friends to stop using the term in a negative way; Manal blurts out that she is gay. This is met with initial denial and then awkwardness.

This was an insightful short into the challenges of being gay in a country where it is still taboo. 

The close camera work of four friends in a ferris wheel cage added to the intimacy and shared the awkwardness of being in close proximity and worked well. 


You Can't Always Get What You Want is showing on Friday 30 March, 18:20 Studio

Sometimes You Get What You Need is showing on Friday 30 March, 13:40 NFT1 and Saturday 31 March, 12:00 Studio


The full 2018 BFI Flare programme is available here(link is external), but highlights of additional activities to the film screenings include:

  • Talks with established film and television professionals who are leading the way in LGBTQ+ representation on screen.
  • Workshops and Labs focusing on creating LGBTQ+ media with specific sessions around challenges in development, funding and exhibition.
  • Networking opportunities throughout the Festival with a range of receptions with film and television professionals included in the Delegate Package. 

BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival 2018About BFI Flare

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